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  1. I notice there are having to be so many more rules and things added for pvp, I felt like it was time to step in and make a guide for new players that want to play player vs player ( pvp ).

    • it is suggested to bring enchanted diamond armor and sword.
    • Bows are as well suggested for this for long ranged attacks, infinity is suggested greatly.
    • If you bring a fishing rod and decide to fish, and you die; that is on you, don't rage.

    • Food is definitely needed for long timed combats.
    • Golden Apples are allowed! If players wish to spend money on them, let them do so.
    • Potions are 100% aloud as well, this includes strength; swiftness; healing; etc.
    • If you eat raw flesh/ haunted candy, the effects still go on you

    • Teaming is allowed
    • In order to team type /invite player2

    • Its a place to have fun, not start heated debates.
    • Non-mild language is not tolerated at the pvp arena, it is place of the Empire and rules still stand.
    Commands to turn on/off your head drops

    • To turn on/off your head, simply type /ps and click the first and fifth options and either put them on off or on.
    • In order to receive heads ( 15% drop rate ) you must have both options on.
    Player vs. Player Fair arenas

    • In the pvp fair arenas, no weapons; armor; or any item are aloud.
    • The damage statistics are the same if you where in the normal arenas w/ full diamond armor and in the fair arenas w/ no armor.
    Getting There

    • To get to the Pvp arena type /pvp .
    If there are any questions/errors/concerns, post a comment and Ill answer/fix them ASAP.
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  2. Best way to win a fight against someone is to not die.
  3. "Aloud" should be "allowed." :p

    Great all-around guide. :)
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  4. Will fix, thank you.
  5. Great guide for pvp
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  6. Also, when you see a staff eating a notch apple, destroy them.
  7. +1, good guide :)
  8. Great guide! Maybe you can suggest the best ways to attack someone? Like different methods of combat/archery.
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  9. This is just for the basic rules and guidelines for the arena.
  10. Still not fixed :p
  11. We should get TNT allowed in the PVP arena so I can blow people up.
  12. you should've added in how to get to the pvp arena by typing /pvp and if your not on smp6 you have to type it twice