[Guide] Maximizing Performance with Fabric [1.17.x]

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  1. I've updated the JVM arguments. :)
  2. Question: here you say that on Windows installing Fabric automatically installs Java. Do we still have to perform step 1 here, or can we skip it?
    If we can't skip it, how do we locate the JRE executable? I tried to look for the directory you mention, but can't find it.

    Thank you :)
  3. Since Fabric Installer 0.7+, it searches in your .minecraft folder for the Java executable, rather than in your program files (or whatever it's called), meaning you can skip step 1. If you don't have Minecraft itself installed, you will still need to install Java yourself, but this guide assumes you have it installed already. :)
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  4. Bump, I've updated the instructions a bit as it turns out this is used as a resource even by people who don't play on EMC.
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  5. I took another read, especially since I plan on installing Fabric and any other performance enhancement mods that follow~

    The part where you said "Close other applications", I definitely agree with that. It's... a darn shame that I do not have my Celeron J1900 integrated system. I was willing to try running Minecraft on it with Fabric and the other mods you have mentioned here. I am legit curious how many FPS I'd be able to get with it... Vanilla Minecraft ran like absolute garbage on it, unless I turned everything down to "Off" or "Minimal/None". I'm just curious how far I'd be able to push the hardware with how well Fabric works, but... it's a shame that the world may never know... :\
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  6. This guide has been updated with 1.17.x instructions :)