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  1. This guide might sound stupid, but this is for players who want to run their own events.

    I. Plan the date, time, place, and type of your event.
    You are probably thinking that this is so easy, but I have seen many threads without this information.
    Make sure YOU are available for the event. Double check your times, especially daylight savings(time Change). Drop party, firefloor, fireworks party, grief party, are all types of events.
    (btw-TBA=to be determined) Try not to put TBA, or else it will be more stressful to update.

    II. Be aware of other events, activities.
    For example, if Player A is hosting an event at his residence, at the same time RainbowChin is hosting his mob arena. Most players would go to RainbowChin's mob arena, they get a global alert and win prizes at that event. Make sure your event isn't during fun empire events.

    III.Be prepared for dislikes.
    I have hosted events, but I always get responses like this:
    "This event is dumb!"
    "This is stupid, I am leaving"
    "I am not getting any drops! I hate this event"
    "This server is the worst!"
    This is what staff get too, it will happen at almost any event that will happen. Be calm when it happens, don't start commenting or insulting that player, it will just increase the stress.

    IV. Be prepared and plan.
    For my drop party a few months ago, I made sure everything was ready. I filled all the droppers, fixed the redstone areas, improved the quality of my res, and the glass was set. I have seen events where players are running around getting the items they need. Be prepared or else you will receive negative comments.

    V. The Sequence of the Events.
    If your event is a multiple of activities, start with activities that make people happy.
    For example, here is list of activities at Player A's Party.
    • Drop Party
    • Trivia Game
    • Parkour
    • FireFloor
    • Fishing
    • Horse Races
    Sample Sequences-
    Parkour-Fishing-Trivia Game-Horse Races- FireFloor- Drop Party Disliked :mad:
    Drop Party- Horse Races- Trivia Game - FireFloor- Fishing- Parkour Liked :D

    This is the difference between the two. When starting with parkour, it will lead to rage, and anger. Thus, making players leave. It is better to start with a drop party.

    I hope this was helpful, I really want to see better events in the future! :)
    Comment if you want to add something or make improvements.
  2. Very good ideas!
  3. Thanks! This may seem simple to some people but this is really helpful. Especially part II and part IV are oh so true. I had an event planned myself but already had to postpone it because I simply couldn't really make it on time, which had everything to do with both some stuff happening irl, but also with preperations.


    PS: Speaking of which; mine is postponed a bit but still going to happen.


    PS2: My tip would also be: don't announce the event until that moment where you're sure that you can make your deadline. Where most bigger details have all been worked out already. That's the part where I kinda went wrong :confused:
  4. Nice guide, /resshout works a treat too
  5. If you're a supporter :p