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Will you be using this to help out the staff?

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  1. Hey guys, I decided to make a quick guide so you can directly or indirectly help staff out. Using these proven methods, you can help staff become the best they can be!
    • Critique staff on everything they do
      • How else are they supposed to adapt and learn to help us?
    • Be sure to minimize /report usage
      • Staff pay attention to everything that is happening on the server 24/7. They do not like to be bugged about some silly mass griefing that they already know about.
    • Ignore them
      • They hate talking to us. Every response you get from them is an automated response similar to the Cleverbot engine.
    • If you decide to talk to them and they say they are busy, continue talking to them.
      • This helps them improve their multitasking skills
    • Never congratulate them on the promotion
      • Why? If you make them feel good, they are more friendly towards rule breakers which makes them ineffective obviously
    • If they catch you breaking a rule, continue breaking it to assert dominance
      • Any staff who backs down if you continue is too weak to be staff.
    Have any helpful tips? Share them!
  2. Oh dear lord...
  3. Some tips are very silly.....The last couple tips are the most silliest...Wait let me rephrase this everything is silly...
  4. Troll threads like these only serve to confuse and start drama. Locked thread.
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