[Guide] How to edit textures in Minecraft

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  1. Ever found a texture pack that was almost perfect, but there was one texture you really didn't like? Ever wanted to live in a world of diamond blocks, but you weren't rich enough? Ever wanted a new, creative way to express yourself? Well, today, I'll be teaching you how to change the textures of Minecraft!

    Disclaimer: This guide assumes that you have basic photo editing skills.

    The first thing you want to do is to download a base resource pack that you can use as a sort of template. Personally, I use faithful 32x32, but you can use anything. Next, navigate to your .minecraft folder; this can be done by, if you're on windows, pressing the windows key, typing in %appdata% in the little search bar at the bottom, clicking on "roaming", then on ".minecraft" and finally on "resourcepacks", and if you're on a Mac, open up minecraft, go to options, resource packs, and then click on the "open resource packs folder" button at the bottom. Now drag your base resource pack in here, copy/paste it, and give it whatever name you want. The copy/pasting is so that if you mess up and accidentally save the texture, you still have the default texture, which you can copy/paste and restart.

    Once you open up the resource pack folder and open up your copies resource packs, click on "assets", then "minecraft", and then "textures". You should see something like this:

    Inside each of these folders is a specific set of textures, with more detail in the spoiler:
    Achievements: The achievement screen GUI and related buttons.
    Blocks: Blocks, fire, lava, and water.
    Container: The GUIs for anvils, beacons, brewing stands, crafting tables, dispensers/droppers, enchtables, furnaces, chests, hoppers, horses, your inventory, and villagers.
    Effect: Dither, which is used for Super Secret Settings, and will be removed in 1.9.
    Entity: Entity skins.
    Environment: Sun, moon, and rain.
    Font: Your font.
    GUI: A bunch of other random GUI things, along with an alternate location for Container.
    Items: Items.
    Map: A bunch of map-related things.
    Misc: The textures for forcefields, and the texture that covers your screen when underwater.
    Models: How your armor looks when it's on you.
    Painting: All of the paintings.
    Particle: All of the particles.

    Open the folder of whatever texture you want to edit, and once you find that texture, right click it to open it with some photo editing software. Personally, I use paint.net, but GIMP or Photoshop works too. I would not recommend regular paint, due to the lack of features. Once you open up the texture, you should see something like this:
    (The texture will be tiny, you can use control+the scroll wheel to make it larger or smaller, at least in paint.net.)

    Once you're content with your texture, you should save it as whatever name the block previously had. You MUST replace the old texture. Afterwards, you can open up Minecraft, set your resource pack to your copied one, join a world, and see your new texture. If it's not showing up, try pressing f3+t to reload the textures. If not, you probably didn't save it as the correct thing, or you put it in the wrong place, but if everything goes well, you should be able to see your new texture.
    Hope this guide helped! If you have questions, just ask! :)

    ~Rhy out
  2. Whoa cool, I'm going to make my own face in every block now