[GUIDE] Griefing: Detecting, Reporting and Preventing

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  1. What is griefing?
    Griefing is where someone purposely destroys your creations, without your permission, with any intent and in any location. This includes (but is not limited to) breaking walls in someone's wild base, or lighting fire to someone's house in their residence in town, that you have the build flag on.

    While possible, griefing is not allowed in any part of the Empire. Any and all people caught griefing will be subject to a punishment.

    How do I know I was griefed?
    Most of the time, it's obvious when you've been griefed. Look for these tell tale signs inside an area that you think may have been griefed:
    • Fires you don't remember starting
    • Missing blocks
    • Lava or water flows
    • Evidence of TNT damage
    There are other forms of griefing though, so feel free to report them if they occur.

    How can I report the griefer?
    The best way to report griefers is to PM a mod. Click here to learn how to PM (you'll want to use the forum PM option) and click here to view a list of moderators.
    Always include as much evidence as you can in the report - it's suggested to include:
    • Screenshots of the griefed area
    • Co-ordinates of the area if it's in the wild, and the res number if it's in town
    • A description of damage done, and blocks taken
    • If there's any visible lava or fire damage
    • Anything else you think may be useful - some blocks are logged, so any info you may have could help!
    After you report, the staff team will look into your report, and see if they can confirm who the griefer was, and punish them accordingly. It's important to remember that sometime's it's not possible for the person to be caught. It sucks, we know, but it's just the way it is.

    Please don't post on the public forums to report a griefing (especially if you include names - this isn't allowed). Also, don't expect reimbursement of your lost items.

    What's some ways to minimize the chances of me being griefed?
    In Town
    • Only give out flags to people you completely trust
    • Never give people flags "just because they ask"
    • Use subflags if possible (such and place and destroy)
    • If you think someone is griefing your res, remove their permissions immediately
    In the Wild
    • Further out = better. Griefers are lazy - building right next to spawn is pretty much asking to be griefed
    • Always lock your chests
    • Only show your base to people you trust
    • If you're a supporter, hiding from the live map greatly improves your chances of not being found
    • If you think someone's found your base, pack up and move out
    • When available, protect your creation using a dragon egg.
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  6. Very clear and useful. A question, those subflags, is there anyway to know which ones are accessible for everyone? I know a few, but I didn't know the one you mention. The Guide part for the flags seems to be underconstructions and I've been searching the forums but can't find a clear thread about every flag we can use.
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  7. Currently, place & destroy (for build), and waterflow & lavaflow (for flow) are the only subflags I know of existing on EMC. However, when we eventually get an updated version of Residence, a load more will come. :)

    I believe Aikar is working on something else too, which will also help protect blocks on your res - although I don't want to mention anything in-case it takes a long time to be released.
  8. Great! The possibilities that would open and the griefing problems it will save will, along with a good guide like this, sounds good.