[Guide] Getting Quartz

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  1. I keep seeing this question on EVERY quartz thread or in town, "how do you get that much!?!?!?!?"

    Here's some help for you:

    1. Gather: Armor, Sword, Bow and arrows (Infinity bow and 1 arrow works too), picks, food like steak and potatoes, fire resistance Potions and maybe Speed potions and an optional enderchest if you want to stash and die.
    2. Go into the nether to the black parts of the map and mine.
    3. ??????
    4. PROFIT!

    It's not that hard.

    "But I don't want to walk out that farrr!!!!!"

    Tough. Has to be done. If there was a nether reset then everyone would just complain it needs to be reset again because it was all mined from around spawn.

    Quartz is not as rare as diamond and emerald. It's almost like coal and redstone, it's in huge veins.
  2. Forgot #5. Don't bring heyaroo, she will die on you :p jk
  3. Great guide! Can't wait for the day I can be screwed to go out that far :p Or I might just wait for the wastelands.
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  4. I'm still waiting for the Wastelands, the Nether still terrifies me.
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  5. I'll probably wait it out for the wastelands... Knowing my luck I'll get all the way out there then have to log off like straight away, then next time I log in wastelands are here :p
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  6. Coming from a guy who spent all Saturday getting quartz, a bow is pretty much the most important part (other than a pick of course). Ghasts are EVERYWHERE in the nether, and if you don't have a bow you're pretty much screwed. Also bring TONS of arrows if you plan to stay for a long time, it turns out that the 4 stacks I brought weren't enough to last the day.

    Nice guide!
  7. There is a solution to the "I don't want to walk that far."
    Ride a minecart.

    If there is enough interest, I'd open a fast railway line to the public.
    I guess admission fee of 150r and one-way ticket for 50r would be ok.
    Or one-time fee of 400r?

    It is so easy to get to unexplored and to not yet generated areas
    that it is actually a shame that we need "Wastelands."
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  8. I go out there everyday without a bow..... Protection III or IV armor FTW :p
  9. Sold at SMP1Mall /v 1112
    Armor: Black Section
    Sword: Black Section
    Arrows: Magenta Section
    Picks: Black Section
    Steak: Lime Section
    Potatoes: Lime Section
    Ender Chest: Green Floor

    Btw this is not advertising D:

  10. ???? :D
  11. It's easy to SURVIVE in the nether with only enchanted armor, but if you wanna build a bridge or tower up to get quartz, you better bring a bow unless you plan to play a game of nether-spleef with a ghast.
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  12. ahhhhh nether spleef....... such a fun game xD
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  13. Infinity bow!
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  14. Good times taluke, good times... :p
  15. Yes! I usually bring one. I used to try to juggle a bow and a couple stacks of arrows but then I'd either not need them and they would take up space or I would still run out.

    Yeah I can agree on this. Mining the other morning after the update we were dodging ghasts.
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  16. Sorry for double post but also helps to NOT jump into shallow lava :oops:
  17. Do not listen to Pandas tips -_- took us two hours to get to quartz and she dies jumping from high places right as I say "Its not worth it."
  18. Feather falling boots are great for the clumsy - if I do say so myself! Saved my hide plenty of times the last couple of days while wandering in the nether with an EFF V pick :)
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  19. ender pearls also help. can use em to cross gaps, escape lava, and reduce damage if you fall and use em fast enough. i've fell a few times and threw a pearl at the ground for a non lethal fall.
  20. I wanted to add to this just incase anyone needs another perspective.
    Some things you don't need:
    1. Armor is never "needed" but if you need to wear it I would recommend and inexpensive pair, you don't need your "god" armor in the nether because chances are, you'll die.
    2. A sword is not needed in the nether unless you make the mistake of hitting a pigman and then you might want one, but if you are careful with your bow, you won't need a sword to hit a ghast.
    3. This applies with Number 1, but you don't need to bring your best pickaxes with you, I made the mistake of that and lost multiple pickaxes that were very good. Efficiency II is good on netherrack and gets the job done, for the nether quartz ore I suggest bringing a silk touch pickaxe and not your fortune III so you can fortune III it when you get to town, that also saves inventory space and the risk of losing a precious fortune pick.
    Good things to bring to the nether:
    1. This sort've contradicts what I said earlier, but Feather Falling boots are pretty useful especially if you use ender pearls a lot like most people. Also it helps with falling from the ceiling of the nether.
    2. Obviously fire resist potions, I can't remember the amount of times they have saved my butt from falling in a lava lake.
    3. Finally ( everyone cheers that its over) A mining buddy is not needed but always nice to have :) You can have him or her pick up your stuff if you die and you can watch each other's backs!
    Hopefully I help a few people venture the nether safer!