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  1. Hi gang!

    I know a lot of you out there are sometimes having problems with finding something back on the forums. You may have experienced this yourself: you check what's new on the forums, see something you like and start reading it and all of a sudden you have to close your browser, and when you get back to the forums the thread is "gone" (you can't find it anymore).

    Or worse: you posted a message and after a few weeks you want to read what the original poster in that thread shared. So you go to your profile page, click the 'postings' tab, click 'find all content' (option at the bottom) and if you're a bit like me you now got 30 - 40 pages of posts to sort out. Happy searching!

    There's really no need for that, the better option to use here is 'Watched threads':

    As you can see you can find this option in both the "forum menu" as well as the menu bar at the top. This can really help you easily find the threads you're looking for.

    By default this option shows you a list of threads which you're watching and which have new posts in them. But if you click on the option "Show all watched threads" at the bottom you'll get an overview of every thread you're watching. This should make it really easy on you to find older posts:

    Once you have all watched threads open you'll get an overview of all the threads you're watching. This makes it really easy to find something back. Even better: if a certain thread isn't really interesting to you anymore you can also easily stop watching it. And because you're in an overview screen you can stop watching several threads at the same time:

    How to watch threads

    If you post a message on a thread then normally you'll automatically "watch" it. This means that if other people respond you will get a warning (alert) to point your attention to this. That makes it easy to keep track of the threads in which you responded. But what about the other threads?

    Simple. If you come across a thread and you think that it might be interesting to follow then all you have to do is watch it. You can do this by clicking the option "Watch thread" at the top of the page, like in this example:

    This will make sure that you'll get alerted if people respond to the thread, even if you didn't send any responses yourself. And it can also help you to find the thread again by using the method I explained above.

    So yeah, there you have it. A quick, simple, way to help you keep track of all those cool posts.

    Happy posting!
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  2. Oooook thanks!
  3. Maybe I'll have to start watching some threads. I haven't used the feature at all, and when I checked a few weeks ago I had pages and pages of watched threads, for some reason.

    So, here are my watched threads:

    Great guide. :)
  4. *sees title in recent threads* :confused: >_> *sees actual content* *shoos away awkward mind*