[GUIDE] Game Stuttering While Running Around? LWJGL Update.

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  1. Been having a lot of problems with my Minecraft lately, and research has come up with some information I think everyone should know.

    Does your sound jitter when you run around?
    Does your game lag when loading new chunks?

    I've found this is due to the Light Weight Java Game Library (LWJGL) being outdated on Minecraft.

    I had a fresh install of Windows, and Fresh install on Minecraft and my game ran really bad.
    I updated these files, now it runs like a dream. No Lag, No gitter, and 100+fps (instead of 30).

    Guide to Update Your LWJGL

    LWJGL is what minecraft uses for Sound Graphics and Input.
    Any other information can be found here:

    I only have an Install of Windows. I dont know how this would affect Linux/Mac installations.

    Close Minecraft before doing any modifications.

    i) Navigate to your Minecraft folder. (C:/Users/<User>/AppData\Roaming\.minecraft)
    (AppData Folder is a Hidden Folder. How to Unhide folders: http://goo.gl/cR0tZ )

    ii) Open 'bin' folder.

    iii) Create a new folder called 'BACKUP'.

    iv) Copy the following into BACKUP folder:
    .minecraft\bin\natives\ (Copy the entire folder)

    2) Download LWJGL Version 2.8.4 from http://lwjgl.org/download.php
    (Do not download 2.8.5, This version has a Shift+Click bug)

    3) Unzip lwjgl-2.8.4.zip

    4) Open Up Your Unzipped folder, you should find the following inside: doc / jar / native / res.
    i) Navigate to: jar folder.

    ii) Copy the following files to: .minecraft\bin\
    (Overwrite current files. We have the backed up.)

    iii)Navigate to: natives\<Your Operating System>\ folder.
    (For example if you are on windows navigate to: natives\windows\)

    iv) Copy the entire folder contents to: .minecraft\bin\natives

    5) Open Minecraft and Check the Performance.

    If you notice a decrease in performance, you can refer to the backup files.

    If you notice an improvement in the game.. then great! :)

    This simple update made a great difference to my game, i hope it does for you too.
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