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    EMC has many exclusive items for all you guys to enjoy. Any items listed here are not in vanilla Minecraft, however, you don't need any mods to use EMC exclusive items - all items can be used with a vanilla client.

    All of our exclusive items can be viewed on Widget. If you want to view info on an item, click the "More Info" button below the item's image. Widget requires Javascript. Don't block it. Widget includes info such as release date, use, and if it can be auctioned on the forum.

    After a new item is released, it may take a couple of days for it to appear on Widget. Sometimes we're purposely hiding them so that you guys have to find them yourself, and sometimes we're just sorting out the part of the site.
  2. Updated OP to include a link to Widget, which is where all items are going to be listed from now on. I'm currently in the process of adding all the items that are already out, but over the next few hours, they'll appear. :)


    tl;dr: Simple things are boring so Jack made fancy stuffs.
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  3. Not up yet.
  4. Nopee.
  5. Use the wiki - they were migrated to that a few months ago. :p
  6. lol the link doesn't work jack
  7. The link doesn't work and I wana see all of the items that aren't in the wiki.
  8. look one post above