[Guide]Ban Appeals

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  1. I can notice that many people are going onto moderators,or administrators pages and posting things like,
    "can I please be un-banned" Instead of doing this could you please start a Private conversation with a moderator or administrator, as this is getting particularly annoying,to start a private conversation do the following,
    1st way,
    Click on you're inbox,
    On the bottom click "Start a conversation"
    2nd way,
    Click on a member's avatar
    In the box it will say, "start a conversation"
    Click that and you are done!

  2. While there is never anything wrong with reiterating things like this, there is already a thread for ban appeals instructions.
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  3. Your eyes, Shaun. They haunt me.
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  4. I don't know why, i didn't design them to do that to people, just a happy coincidence i guess :p
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  5. They are ethereal.
  6. Generally...even the thread we already have will get over looked. If someone didn't take time to read the very simple rules we already have, chances are they're going to skip that too, lol.
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  7. That`s what I think too...
  8. It`s so frustrating isn`t it! lol
  9. Touche