Guess Who!

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  1. Jimbonothing64...
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  2. Jimbobob or RunningRhino?
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  3. lol, of course not
    who else could it be?
  4. Rick Astley
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  5. i have NO idea xD
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  6. You know what I'm wrong it's Archduke Franz Ferdinand
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  7. I can't...I can't tell who you are...It's not like it's painfully obvious or anything like that...
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  8. *coff Coff*
  9. Jimbo loves blood.
    This one Jimbo has no evidence having blood or loving blood. Its someone else, not Jimbo.
    If this was JImbo, there should be blood around on his post.
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  10. Knew it.
  11. Hmmm true
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  12. I admit it; It's me.
  13. So you are Jack are now alt collectors. Cant wait to see who has the most -.-
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  14. I don't see the point in having an alt other than having an extra res...
    Oh wait...
    But then that means you're paying for a new residence...0-e
  15. Magical powers are powered by alts (they're like batteries).
  16. Doesn't alts require you to buy MC again?
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