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  1. That is ONE thing I did like on IV was the driving/walking drunk, lol. When you're biased towards LC, do you mean for it or against it?
  2. I mean I'm for it. I love New York, so naturally LC is my virtual locale of choice.
  3. Ah gotcha. Although I thought IV was also set in NY...a different take on Liberty City, no?
  4. Yeah it was just a re-imagination of LC, made more accurate to NYC as was intended in GTA3.
  5. Yeah, I liked San Andreas the least. I'm just seeing it as being set in LA. Maybe it'll be less... San Andreas. They should try a new approach, in my opinion. Different place completely.
  6. GTA set in Boston? huh huh huh...would set a whole new locale for us!!
  7. Thx aus :D and i really hope that GTA V will be more like GTA San Andreas that GTA IV cuz i didnt like GTA IV :D
  8. GTA5?!? I was sure I heard they were never making any more Grand Theft Auto games anymore. I'm so stealing this video and sharing it . My wife and I will def. be getting this game. I've been a fan of the series since the original with the top down view. I have yet to play one that I wasn't impressed with. Honestly I think the people who don't like any one of the games have never thoroughly played it and took the time to see what all it has to offer. Yes there is more than just riding around in a stolen car running over people.

    When I play the game I feel like I'm watching a mob or gangster movie while I'm in control of the main character. Each game's story is intertwined into all of the characters that you meet throughout the course of your experience. Plus the greatest thing is that you don't have to have played the previous titles in order to understand the story. Each game takes place with a different character in a different city. You always start out with nothing and as the story progresses you get higher up on the food chain in the underworld. I'm sure GTA5 won't disappoint.

    Now back on GTA4, how could you not like it? The expansions alone were like 2 seperate games. the game's driving physics were as close to a simulation racing game, the target system could either be assisted auto-aim or free look, and all the while in an open world gameplay...

    GTA cannot be classified into a single genre, its racing/rpg/action/adventure all in one. You can't name a game that has this much replay value as a GTA game. I'm sorry but anyone who doesn't like the last few GTAs is a fool, and surely doesn't really understand what a good game actually is. Thats my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
  9. Oh I thought he stopped development on iCEnhancer. Nice.

    Yeah when I learned about that it blew my mind. After playing it for a while, I uninstalled it just to see what the vanilla game looked like and it was disturbing how terrible it looked in comparison.
  10. I just like parachuting off the big building in GTAIV, I was like what 13 when I played it, so jumping off the build and or planes with a chute was great fun!
  11. Wait just one minute.

    It says on your EMC Profile your 18 years old now in 2011.

    GTA IV was out in 2008 and you said you was 13.

    I think your 2 years out there bro'

  12. Lol, woops, my bad, I meant 15, but I never played the game, much, just on an old friends playstation, thats why I cannot remember when I played it, or what age I was that I played it, XD Nice troll btw!