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  2. can't wait to see what they do with this

    although i was disappointed with gta5 sure it had better graphics but san andreas had way more content and was a far better game

    i mean gta4 had a very limited vehicle selection couldn't fly jets or airlinres in fact the only thing you could fly was a helichopter no pedal bikes...
  3. GTA4 lost my interest with GTA titles, they will have to do A LOT to get me to want this game. On the other hand, Saints Row: The Third looks like one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. :D
  4. I was shocked at how many people were disappointed with GTA4, mostly complaining that it was "too realistic" for a GTA game. I loved it immensely and is by far my favourite of the franchise, with Vice City being a close second.
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  5. When I play open world games, I'm more interested in being able to do super wacky off the wall stuff. I do appreciate Rockstart trying something different though, that took guts...just wasn't my cup of tea for this kind of genre.

    This pretty much shows how I felt towards the game. (This was released back when GTA4 was out and Saints Row 2 was about to come out.)

  6. I'm really looking forward to Saints Row The Third myself. :D
  7. I tried on a few seperate occassions to get into GTAIV and finish it, but I couldn't do it. Very very well made game, just enjoyed the earlier ones a lot more.

    I mean NO PARACHUTE?! :(
  8. My biggest issue is what they did to the engine for the game. Rockstar doesn't usually advance the title name until they have a new or completely overhauled engine. Hence GTAIII: Vice City, and San Andreas. They were still based off of the Euphoria I engine, with appended code (like the RPG-esque system they put in SA) and tweaked gameplay (Money actually having value).
    So then they made IV with the Euphoria II engine, love it or hate it, that's what they did. The part that has me stuck wondering is what they did to the functionality of the game. A new number is a reason to have a brand new game, and I'm waiting to see what they came up with.
  9. it wasn't the graphics that made me sad it was the lack of content compared to san andreas gta4 had next to nothing but the story mode

    i still play san andreas even after beating it

    i beat gta4 once and haven't touched it since
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  10. Ranking order: GTAIV, GTA: Vice City, GTAIII, GTA San Andreas, GTAII, GTAI
    I never understood the hype over San Andreas. It was a littel too 'hood' for my liking. Kinda bugged me.
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  11. Also, I heard rumour (not sure if it's true) that the use of planes was removed due to it being set in New York or something and they didn't people to mock the 9/11 tragedy. Not sure if that's true, but it sounds plausable to me.
  12. Trailer is out. Link in OP.
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  13. I don't hate it. Still more interested in SR3, but this trailer has a Vice City feel to it...which was the last GTA I really enjoyed. It looks like they're leaning away from the IV feel.
  14. It has been dubbed San Andreas 2, which I don't like.
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  15. Ah really? Who dubbed it that?
  16. I've just seen it floating around in the comments.
  17. i don't know it's looking alot like gta4 to me
  18. Obviously it uses the same engine as GTA4, or even a slightly improved version of it, but the overall theme of the game is very similar to San Andreas.
  19. Yeah, the engine itself didn't bother me. The game "felt" great. I just thought the story progression of IV was lame...and the side missions like bowling and going on dates...gah.

    I was less of a fan of San Andreas than most who claim it was the best. I preferred GTA 3 and Vice City to the others. But even San Andreas would be a step in the right direction compared to IV.
  20. I will agree that IV had it's little annoyances and the whole dating thing was just a nightmare. It really strives to educate you eh?

    I did always enjoy the challenge of trying to drive home drunk though.

    I suppose I'm just bias towards Liberty City.
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