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Is this a good idea?

Yes, group shops would be useful. 10 vote(s) 90.9%
No, why would we need this. 1 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. Creating a shop sign with multiple usernames will share the profits between the multiple shop owners.
  2. Good idea. However, I think that there should be a system to see if one person isn't contributing. Also, this'll only work with permanent groups because if one person disconnects, they don't get anything.
  3. he didnt mean the current "groups" system, just shared ownership.

    but sadly this simply cant work.

    1) not enough room on sign
    2) How do you declare "profit"?
    3) as penguin mentions, knowing who contributed what vs payment distribution.

    It would be way too confusing and not many people would use it, so would rather just not add it to keep the empire simple.
  4. I think a lot of shops already do this by having chests that both buy and sell. Details like the margin between the two prices and whether the suppliers get a special price are up to the group.

    For example, I may have a shop that buys items for 80% of what I sell them for. To encourage help supplying, I might set the price I buy at to be closer or even equal to the retail. I might also have two prices, a public one that is on the shop chest and a supplier price that is on a chest only the suppliers have access to.

    I am currently doing all of these things. I share a shop which buys and sells with another person(A group of two.). I also have a supplier who sells me a few items that I don't want to supply. I am currently paying him the same price I am selling the items for to encourage him. In a larger group I think I would separate the pricing a little, perhaps by 5R. High enough so that most of the profit goes to the supplier but with some left over for whoever is banking the blocks.

    The advantage to this is that you don't have to keep track of who is doing the work. Profits are determined by who is selling to the chests so anyone can be as ambitious or lazy as they want and it's automatically accounted for. A disadvantage is that someone has to be the shop owner so there will be matters of trust. If there are multiple chest owners there isn't as much of a problem with one person tying up all their Rupees in inventory.
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  5. Solutions:

    1) On the first line write the player's name you want to share the profits with instead of your own (this way you could only share a shop with one other person :( )
    2) Profit as in how much rupees you make from the shop
    3) 50% 50% payments to owners of the shop
  6. I thought this would be used in a scenario more like this:

    Some friends go mining in the wild together, when they get back to town they have about the same amount of items, some have more of one item and some have more of another item, the friends want to share their profits from the mining trip with each other and one of the friends has an already established shop on their res, they decide to make a group shop on his res and put all the items they mined together into the chest to sell.
  7. Why not have a way to establish a company group and put the company name on the sign?
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  8. That would be interesting.
    With some modification, the group system could work for permanent as well as temporary groups.
    Groups could be created with specialties. For example, an enterprise group would have a board of directors who would nominate a Director General or 'CEO' as the group leader, and both the leadership organ and the board organ would jointly implement executive strategy, make decisions, and discipline employees. The ownership structure would be dominated by members of the board, with ownership quantities (player x gets 10%, y gets 20%) proposed by the CEO using a built in command making an offer, leaving the target of the proposition to accept or decline, creating an effective escrow system to prevent scamming. A rupee account for enterprise funds would be assigned to the enterprise, which would be controlled by the board of directors and the CEO, and used for investments. Wages are deducted from this account, and chest shop monies flow into it?

    Once enough money has been gathered in the enterprise funds, the enterprise would have the option to consume this to upgrade to a company. A company is able to employ more people and float itself, meaning anyone can type a command and buy shares. The market value of each share will be determined by the popularity of the stock. Shares will begin at 10r per share or whatever a company sets it as, and change every 24 hours proportional to the percentage increase in sales of the stock. People may sell the shares back to the company issuing them, or they may exchange shares with someone for rupees to make potentially more money, perhaps through an escrow system. I would personally love an EMC stock exchange. The shares would not represent a fixed amount of the company. If you own three fifths of all the shares, you own three fifths of the company.

    The final stage of the Economic class of Group would be the corporation, available through an upgrade, by consuming a set amount of rupees in the company funds. Employees of this Corporation and directors are able to show off their status with a small tag in chat, set by the organisation, of a length between 1-4 letters. Corporations are able to buy shares themselves using company funds upon the approval of the board, allowing them to acquire other companies which are floating, they can employ infinite numbers of members, and are entitled to claim one residence under company ownership.

    Also available would be the Community class of group, for wild communities and the like which are unbureaucratic, with little leadership and hierarchy, the Organisation class of group, for the EMC Militia and (dare I say it) the Delta Team and other things with ranks, and the State class of group, for sovereign states like the New Republic. :)
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  9. This, this is awesome...
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  10. Although that sounds really cool, it's seems very complicated and not what empire is about.
  11. Internally complex, externally simple. It's about as complex as the residence flags, don't worry :p
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  12. Adding on to this a bit :p
    For commands, because groups and these companies work differently, I would think not to call them "groups" for it may confuse people.
    So for commands, if this were to be implemented.
    /company create [name]
    - This must fit on a sign
    - This means you would be the owner of the company (aka CEO)

    /company [company name] add [player name]
    - a way to add other players into your company

    /company rank [player name] [new rank]
    - to have a chain of authority.

    /company disband [company name]
    - disbands the company

    /company info
    - describes what the /company commands doing and what happens in any company.

    Now for the sign parts.

    I were to write on the second line Company or Company-1, it would change the sign to be the company's name.
    So, this would be a buy sign or sell sign I would put it on. Also, only people outside of the company can buy/ sell.
    Now, if someone in the company put a buy/sell sign anywhere on any smp, there should be an alert to the top people in that company, or just make it so any a few people can write it on the sign.
    Anyways, if their is a player called Company, Company-1, Company-2, etc., it would not affect anything. This is because, you cannot put player's names on the second line to avoid scamming and other things.

    So, just an idea. :) It would be cool to see this implemented :D
  13. Don't worry, I always have to read Volt's posts 10 times before I understand :p
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  14. Yes please. That sounds amazing.
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  15. Just have each section or sell chest dedicated to that specific shop "owner." Therefore, they must provide the stock for the chest in order to make their own profit...
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  16. Evidently that doesn't adequately satisfy their desire for needless complexity.
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