/group PVP suggestion (arena)

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  1. The new PVP arena is outstanding hilarious and fun, so I thought of a suggestion.

    30 minutes of in the arena 3 people wanted to team with me. It was extremely hard to pvp with other people when I try not to kill them. How about that if you /invite and they join your group, pvp is off for THOSE players so you don't accidently hurt them.
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  2. I like. If in your group, you mutually cannot deal damage, yes?
  3. This would help me alot +1!
  4. Well, the people in the group cannot damage each other. If a person is not in the group, they could damage any of them. As soon as someone leaves the group, the group can kill that person.
  5. Only downside is if you forget that you have it on, you can get very confused. Other than that,

  6. Maybe if you try and hit your person in your group, it says "This player is in your group". It can happen every 10 seconds.
  7. I'd like this! If you try and hit a "team member" have it as it is in factions "blank is a member of your group!"
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  8. I wouldn't want those messages obstructing my view while I'm trying to fight. On the other hand, if I'm trying to kill my teammates, I probably deserve something like that.
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  9. +1 great idea someone wanted to team with me we got pinned and I acxedentlt killed them. Although there is a little down side to this idea what if a group of let's say 5 people went up Against 1 person they would most likely mpdestroy them. Sorry for misspelling typing on my iPod....