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  1. Me and my wife have been on EMC for a while. She loves to mine. I hate mining. I love to build. she does not like to build. Many times we have thought it would be nice if there was a chest that worked like an ender chest for groups of people. example she is out mining stuff i need to for building she puts it in a group ender chest and i being somewhere else am able to pull it out and use it.
  2. This would be cool my fiance and I talked about this before because I like mining and he likes building and I don't like building much (cuz I suck at it) and he doesn't like mining. But I don't see how they could make something like this in Minecraft but it would be really nice if it did exist :p
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  3. so like a shared /vault but when in a group(so /invite player)? i like it... I can see it being abused to transfer items too quickly so there might have to be limitations, but +geckos from me :)
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  4. I this would be a good idea :) Helpful if you had alts.. But there some downsides.. Stealing.. What would you do? I say +0
  5. I see you thought of the idea on good terms but any idea always has those whom will abuse it. The way you would use would be recommended but the way someone with many accounts would use it would be economy wrecking. I wouldn't implement such an idea without maybe... Perhaps a drawback or supporter perk? Have it cost experience levels lol
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  6. And this is why its a bad idea. The economy would be crushed by yet another massive time-saver.

    Fantastic if used by two real people as described by the OP but those grinders and farmers out in the wild would be able to bring massive amounts of stock to market with ease. There would have to be a min cost per use of say 500r that increases with inflation (the diamond standard).
  7. If you think about it, 500r is really nothing. If you can transport a DC of gold ingots or sea lanterns instantly 500r wouldn't cut into your profits at all.
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  8. Indeed, even on a single chest like the group ender chest would be it is insignificant for expensive items but it would give more value to low value items.

    And with your argument we have effectively killed off any idea that this type of chest would be a good idea. :p
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  9. How about this:

    Group owners can create a new shared chest using a command. Only one chest per group is allowed, and if the group is cancelled, all the items will be returned to the creator of the chest. Upon creation, the chest will be bound to the location/coordinates the creator is currently on. The group members will then be able to access the chest using a command, only within a radius of x blocks from the chests location. This function would only be active in the Frontier and Wastelands, but not in Town (because /mail would become almost useless :p) This would work for the situation the OP mentioned (assuming they build and mine in the Frontier), and not so well for getting items to town quicker.

    I know this suggestion isn't perfect, so feel free to improve or criticize.

    As for x, I was thinking about 1,000 blocks, but I want to see what you all come up with :)
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  10. This has been suggested before, a long time ago. Was turned down for the above reasons. And because people shouldnt be taking things that arent theres without explicit permissions.

    If there is a distance limiter like 1k blocks, wouldnt it be just as easy to use an unlocked chest?
  11. Actually, the latest idea is not bad. it would be a local area transport device, not anywhere to anywhere else on the smp. That could work as a replacement for a mass of hoppers and elevators to carry things out of a mine. In addition, if the chest worked the way labor benches do, it doesn't need to be set down. I would still be going with a max range of 128 to 256 blocks. And yes, it would definitely be an in-demand promo.
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  12. +1

    i would like a shared vault page tbh, that would be soo cool. and b/c u cant access ur vault in wild anyway theres no risk of too easy transport.
  13. + 1
    I would love this feature but maybe have a 1 hour cool down or something so it's not abused and you could type something like /invite [ name ] vault and they have 5 mins to accept the invite to put stuff into that vault. Just an idea
  14. For any economy based objection around travel time -- I say "unfounded." And with no damage to the economy there is no need for complexity around fees or timer delays.

    The membership rules could get complex. But if you see this as sharing someone's existing enderchest (or vault page) then it's not as ambiguous. You can side step cases where ownership is orphaned and it becomes more like block-protection.

    I like the idea, but I think this is going to be handled by outpost teleportation.
  15. It could go either way so yeah +0
  16. -1 cause i can have 1 alt in town and 1 in the wild and take things and from with ease
  17. not if theres a cool down so It can only be used once every 30 mins or so and they could limit how many things can be transported
  18. still to op
  19. All this fear over transport times. Are you guys taking slow nether rails to your outposts or something? :rolleyes:
  20. how? If they limited it so only 1 thing could be transported then it wouldn't be "Over powered", they would find the sweet spot which makes it useful and not OP or UP