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  1. Hello, and welcome to the EMCake Party's Application and Information thread.

    Our Mission:
    To take into consideration every issue brought upon us via pm or forum post and then output a weekly and/or monthly document pertaining to these problems whilst providing plausible solutions to those issues, thus providing a better atmospheric playtime during your time on Empire Minecraft.

    Who am I?
    I am roblikescake.
    Founder of CakeCo Incorporated
    CEO of CakeCo Incorporated
    Soon to be Owner of the Economic Epicenter of SMP1
    Auction King
    Cake Boss
    I am, me. I am loved by many, hated by few. Hatred only brings forth the need for more effort from me to make the community better.

    Why trust me?
    I believe by now that I am a well-known player on both the forums and the servers. I feel that I have been trustworthy enough to run this party in order to get the community what it wants.

    So, Whats the EMCake Party?
    The EMCake Party stands for Empire MineCake Party. What we will be doing is searching the forums for recent problems that have been occurring and as a group our members will formulate solutions to these problems. We can also take problems in via PM. Once we have solutions for these problems, as well as some suggestions server wide that can improve the entire community, we will then release a document either on a weekly or monthly basis. This document will contain both the answers to such problems and suggestions brought up to us, pondered about by us, and then put into words by us.

    Sounds good, how do I join?
    You must first fill out this application. The way this works is that you will fill out an application, and then I will review the applications and weed out the ones who will not make it, leaving around 15-20 good applications. Then I will post a community poll for the remaining 15-20 members who have applied to be voted into the group. The final decisions will be based upon this poll, but not exact to it. The community's input will have a huge impact on who is in the group, as we are, in terms, the speakers for the community.

    A message from the founder:
    I will accept nothing of monetary value for this group. Anything we do is forum based, not server based. This means that we will not ask for your money, ever. We have money of our own. If need be, I will pull money out of my reserves to pay for any server side event we do.

    Side Note:
    I, roblikescake, am Founder of this group whilst Secretazneks is Co-Founder.
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  2. I thought from the title that this was gonna be a massive cake fest lol
  3. Any dates for the member poll?
  4. Once a good amount of applications are in.

    11 applications so far.
  5. You should add that I am a co-founder :p
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  6. Fixed.

    Title changed.

    Stats: 11 Applications put in.
  7. I would apply, but I am WAAAAAAY too new :p Plus I am nothin spectacular.
  8. It doesn't matter if you are new, you can still apply. We need as many applicants as possible.
  9. It is alright, and I saw you removed the comment, so I changed my post as not to look like I am talking to imaginary peopleagain.
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  10. This is great. (;
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  11. Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
  12. There, applied. I know I won't make it, but at least I can say I tried :cool:
  13. I don't really understand what this is. What kind of problems do you plan on tackling exactly? Can you provide an example? The way you've described it makes it sound like you are willing to take on ANY issue at all including griefing, rule-breaking, and other things within the moderator's scope of responsibility.
  14. Let's take, for example, a recent issue that has been occurring.

    The Problem: Griefing

    Over the last few days problems have been arising where well-known, respected players, who happen to be donators, decide to take it upon themselves to ruin a structure made by another player, whether it be in wildy or in town.

    The Solution: Griefing

    One plausible solution to this is log block. This way blocks are logged to see who places what block, and if grief is detected then a moderator will be contacted with the coordinates and check the log block in the area and see who did the grief.

    As you can see, the group takes the problem and explains it to full detail, and then formulates a hypothetical solution in which is very plausible. The members in this group, however, will be mainly an application only basis due to the qualities and skills required for this position. But yes, we will be taking on any and every problems we see or that are brought up to us.
  15. That would be difficult for the system to be created. How about a more simpler system. Like maybe someone in EMC could create A Camera client Mod.
  16. These systems already exist. In fact they have quite a few different types. But, this was just an example. This did not fully show what the group is about.
  17. I think this sounds like a good idea. It makes sense for a "task force" like this to help find practical solutions for every problem, and makes it easy for any player to come forward and submit either problems or solutions to address.
  18. To add on to what everyone else was said, we will act as a delegation that debates/discusses and comes up with formulated opinions on the matter to present to staff first, and then the public. I am hoping that once we have members decided, we will have a website where you can view all of these decisions in one place. Also, we plan to have the most trustworthy, well-known, and respected members of the community taking part in this, so that our opinion is both respected and trusted.
  19. CAKE IS A LIE!
  20. So there's a vote? Damn well I won't be voted for :( I'll still put in an application though