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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Flash538, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Hello, I've got a idea for the chat system.
    I know a couple of people in EMC and usually they are all on at the same time. I find that speaking to multiple people is very hard (./tell name) because you need to type the command in every single time. Is there a way possible that I can start a group conversation of some sort on a separate channel? We aren't allowed to speak in our own language in the public chats, so we can't talk there (well we can, but not in Dutch :p).
    So, is there something like this possible?
  2. local chat maybe. :S it would be nice to have a group of your own to talk amongst.. so were not disrupting other people.
  3. Nope, although if you all are close together, you can use the local chat channel and not bother anyone else. (/ch l) For speaking to people using /tell easier, you can look into using the EMC UI Mod.
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  4. Yes maybe this is one of the features of which JustinGuy wanted from the supporter chat channel but I agree with Kells just go close to eachother and type /ch l
  5. Oh, by the way, instead of /tell, you can use @, like "@alexschrod what's up?" -- also, if your friend(s) have relatively unique names, you can shorten them, so talking to me will typically only require "@alexs what's up?" as the server will see that by "alexs" you mean me.

    Finally, to reply to the last person who used /tell on you, just use @@, like "@@ Yep, I agree." (This quickly becomes useless if you're talking to multiple people at a time, obviously. :p)
  6. But this only works if we are all close together, if someone is in town and two other people in the wilderness then this won't work. It would be great to have sort of a private channel (or group conversation)which isn't limited so the players need to be 100 blocks or nearer to each other.