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  1. so i will be grinding at my double blaze on utopia for a few days/weeks to find something to do, might open an enchantment store if i save up enough.
  2. Sung to Semisonic - Closing Time

    Grinding Time
    Time for you to go out and demolish some blaze.
    Grinding Time
    You know all those enchants are a craze
    Grinding Time
    I hope you plan to level for days
    Grinding Time
    Time for you to go out and demolish some blaze.

    /has no life and this probably sucks >.> E for Effort?
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  3. that was cute haha, but actually quite good
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  4. Aiker nerfed blazes a litle so it's not as good anymore.
  5. yeh i realised that...
  6. everyone keeps saying that... but my blaze grinders work better then ever...
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  7. I might buy some enchants if you make a store.
  8. my count is just going bad, grinders working amazing.
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  9. yep our grinders here on smp9 seems to be doing quite well from what i can see
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  10. I second...third? this :D
  11. Really he nerfed them... *hides face in shame* I didn't die like a million times in the Nether from a few blazes and thought I was being overrun, no definitely not :oops:
  12. Grindin' at the club!
  13. I don't gave a blaze grinder, but I do have a endergrinder... Problem?
  14. YOU have an endergrinder? >.< I built everything...
  15. Who built your blaze grinder?