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  1. Recently there have many sales of grinders, I have seen above 5 on this forums this week alone! So I will condense the real thread for the lazy members of EMC.

    What is allowed to be sold?
    The location of SPAWNERS untouched.

    Define untouched.
    If there is already a torch next to the spawner, it is not allowed to be sold.

    Are auctions of spawners allowed?
    No, only the sale of SPAWNERS are allowed.

    So I can't sell my grinder?

    So to simplify, only the SALE of SPAWNERS is allowed. You are not allowed to auction spawners or sell/auction grinders!
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  2. I think torchs and making it safe should be allowed as then the next user wont have to deal with 3 mobs spawned so they can just use it as they want
  3. But if there was a torch next to it means someone already found it and if someone already found it, you cannot sell it.
  4. theres advantages and disadvantages really as making it ready will help people start making a grinder but then might show that you found one owned by someone else
  5. Well if you put down the torch, it is okay because you own it. But if you stumble upon a spawner that already has a torch, you cannot sell it because someone else had already found it.
  6. i would never but some people might
  7. I don't think you're interpreting the Guide and discussion here correctly:

    I understand it as this:
    When you are selling a spawner, you are selling knowledge of the coordinates only. Anything around it: grinders, chests, furnaces, and so forth, are not part of the sale and what is to be done, like whether you will continue to use the area or not is open to negotiation.

    So you could sell an undeveloped spawner location. You could sell an undeveloped spawner location along with the service of development of a grinder around it in the future. Or you can sell the location of a spawner that already has a grinder built around it with other facilities like a storage room, renewable food supply, tree farm, etc.

    The big "but" here is that you need to be the original finder of the location. I imagine you would also be allowed to sell a location if you had bought it and wanted to resell it. If this were the case, it should be disclosed, and maybe discussed with staff before putting it up for sale.
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  8. You are correct.

    Sales of spawners and grinders are allowed, however when finding the spawner, if it has just 1 torch anywhere near it, it is considered someone else's and thus cannot be sold.
  9. What if you ligitemently find one, and it is untouched, and you take the treasure and the mossy cobble, is that considered untouched?
  10. Would you consider a dungeon that has had its chests looted and has been stripped of mossy cobble, untouched?
  11. Well, considering, I sell grinders for 6k at least, and people are very happy with my mob grinders, and I have looted all of them and stripped there mossy cobble.
  12. You are absolutely allowed to sell grinders. I specifically talked to a mod about this fact.
  13. the loot and mossy cobble mean nothing to me all i want is the spawner co-ords
  14. Thank you
    Thank you for agreeing with me. The only loot I want are cocoa beans(for cookies of course:rolleyes:) and saddles for riding a pig.