Grinder Making Service!

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  1. I'm going to be making grinders! I make grinders on a first come first serve basis. prices marked below!


    Single skelly/zombie trap:1000r
    Double skelly/zombie trap: 2500r
    Triple + : 5000r
    Spider single:2000
    Spider double:4000
    I do not find spawners for you i only make them.
    you can pm me for more info. :)
  2. Triple*
  3. thanks fixed
  4. The 1st sentence it says gridners
  5. Also, you don't need the disclaimer :)
  6. Come to SMP8
  7. no it doesnt :?
  8. oh i didnt know for sure so i just put it in there for saftey sake
  9. You don't want build mine? :p
  10. oh oops didnt see your post ill be on in 10-20 minutess because i just woke up
    EDIT: may i ask what type it is?
  11. Of course! 1-2 spider spawnah. smp8
  12. are you afk in game because im trying to talk to you and you wont anser :p
    cave or normal?
  13. You don't do blaze?
  14. i am trying to learn/perfect ethos blaze farm i will update the OP when i have mastered it and then let you know