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  1. i've been trying to get my grinder to work for hours, and it doesn't make sense why it isn't working!

    I created a replica in creative mode(yes I know it won't spawn :p) to screen shot it as well, here are some pics. If you know how to make it spawn, please share.


    Real Thing:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Are you more then 24 blocks away?
  3. I'm exactly 24 blocks away - is that my issue? >.<
  4. Try getting about 30 or so away.
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  5. Your pads look a little small too.
  6. The spawner page on Minecraft Wiki says "A monster spawner is only active when a player is within a euclidean distance of 17 blocks from the spawner", so I reckon you are too far away. Also mobs will only spawn within 4 horizontal blocks and 1 vertical block of the spawner, so your room doesn't need to be that big. I can't make out where the spawner is in the pic, maybe I'm missing something.

    Are you killing the monsters with a fall?
  7. @ Nmanley I stole my pad sized from Aikar, who I believe is using the same size.
    @ Joshpash70 30..... thats about 4 more than i can go :p (Bedrock)
    @ Thornbury its a spawner that spawns all mosnters, just because it is dark. Water pushing them down a tunnel and kills them down to .5 hearts, so I can one hit them for the exp.
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  8. pads are WAY to small
  9. Aikar is pretty smart but NOT that smart all the time. :D

    I've built several and never used pads that small. You just add more half blocks to the pads to limit spider spawning. ;)
  10. The main issue I have with bigger pads, is I was told that they tend to just wander around on the pads, and if they stay up there, 1) i can't kill them 2) more won't spawn there.
  11. but if they are to small they dont spawn.
  12. guess I'm going to try to make them wider after reboot...
  13. 5 blocks isn't enough -- they can't spawn on slabs.
  14. thats the idea... me and bownz are working on an EPIC grinder

    The screenshots will continue to pool into here;O=A

    zombies creepers and skelies are the only things you want. they only need a 1x1x2 spawn floor

    so these pillars are best, to keep spiders from spawning.

    this design still gives plenty of spawning room, and gets them out of the chamber quick to enable more spawning.

    it works great weve tested it already (though I have to move the drop chamber up 1 block as they are jumping/glitching the tube and dieing sometimes)
  15. oh and as i dubbed it last night....

    #ScienceWithoutRedstone ;)

    There is science behind this stuff, i've been studying it =P We are no where near done for maximizing throughput of this grinder.

    within a minute of going down out of the chamber i got mobs in the tube... and this is not utopia
  16. If you can get to at least 25 blocks away but not over 27 that should allow mobs to spawn and prevent despawning in the trap.... With the new mob AI that can fight the water currents im wondering if the player needs to stand directly in line under/above the trap to increase the efficiency of mobs funneling into the center of the trap... I have a 30x30 trap setup below an ocean biome that brings mobs to a water elevator and up to where i stand by my cave spider farm, and it works ok sometimes, i'll have 30 or so mobs down below but they never all make it up thru the elevator, they trickle up very slowly... and if the server is laggy mobs sometimes wont spawn at all for about 10 minutes or so... Johnsface it seems like your setup should at least produce some spawning if you sit in that 24-26 block range for a while... other than that have you lit up the cave systems surrounding your spawner? That will affect the efficiency of the spawns as well because mobs will spawn in dark areas in a 144 block radius surrounding your spawner.
  17. <3 my grinders working so well and so much to go still for rooms

    im not selfish, please copy what im doing (though its mainly ethos design of pads, im just working out a really large system)

    and i recommend just building it in the sky to avoid cave spawning issues :p
  18. That is going to be an epic area spawner for sure. :)
  19. its a spawner room not a pad room! and you don't need pads at all just spawner in the air will work