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  1. So when my friend logged on earlier today, She noticed that the access route to our wilderness base rail was griefed. I had a mini gold farm there which did almost nothing anyway, but it got a little messed up. 2 iron golems were killed and 7 sections of rail were mined up. Also some glass was smashed up. I'm writing a forum post because I don't particularly want to deal with people, or want anyone to get banned, as it is such a minor incident, but just adding another case to the list of griefed builds on the server.

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  4. msg a staff
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  5. Every grief reported is a griefer sorted
  6. A griefer is a griefer, and should be dealt with as such, whether the damage is minor or huge.
    It absolutely doesn't look like an accident, so the griefer did it on purpose
  7. Please MSG a staff and they can help you...
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  8. Was this taken to staff? If so, please tell us here it is resolved or if you want, contact one of us to investigate.
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  9. Sorry this happened to you!
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  10. First: always get staff involved, even if the griefing was minor. Trust me: they don't ban players "just like that" and if this was an honest accident then that will also be taken into account. If this does turn out to be a notorious griefer then you'd do more damage not to inform staff.

    Second: get GRIP involved. You mentioned rails, we happen to have plenty of that in storage. I'll PM you in a second and we can most likely refund all the taken items.
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