"Griefing" NPC Villiages

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  1. Is it ok to take the wood from them?
  2. ya i think so?
  3. i dont know? because its spawned so not made so is it griefing?
  4. no its not greifing so you are allowed to break its blocks,try finding the chest in the forgery there is always loot in there :D
  5. ah nice just was never sure
  6. As the NPC Villages are not player-built, but randomly spawned, its ok to "grief" it. I would more likely call it raiding the villages. I do this in Singleplayer all the time. But I would wait for a mods approval though.
  7. yeah! i will change the title
  8. I would make a wild base near mainly because villager trading in the next update in few days but that's just me
  9. 6 days!! then about 3-4 until bukkit updates
  10. Still better than waiting a another month for it
  11. I don't see a problem with breaking down a NPC village for building materials, but i would recommend taking a look around first to ensure that another player hasn't made a home/base out of the village.
    If it is clear that it has been altered or improved upon by another player, be courteous and don't destroy anything or it could be considered griefing.

    If the village is abandoned/trashed, or if you are the first person to visit that particular village, consider it yours to do what you like with it. :)
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  12. If you're just raiding it for wood, it'd probably be more efficient to get it from a foresty biome instead, you get more wood in less time. Unless you're stuck in the middle of a huge desert or something, I suppose.

    But from reading above, there don't appear to be any moral or "legal" objections to it.
  13. I know I'm no mod, but everything Shaun said, except setting fire to an NPC village for no reason would be griefing in my eyes.
  14. yeah, because then this stops other people collecting left wood such as planks
  15. Pretty much, and it just looks yucky... Which is bad :O
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  16. I find it selfish to ruin NPC villages...
    I continually replant seeds in the farms there as that is a happy discovery when you otherwise are having difficulty finding food.
    There is no official stance on this in the way of preserving, but with villager trading coming soon, it would be even more selfish to kill these villagers solely for sport.
    Also, why are you taking resources from the villages when there are plenty of trees, tall grass and stone in most biomes.. The only place you miss out on these is in a desert biome but you shouldn't travel unprepared to some degree.....
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  17. I like to do this with singleplayer villages:
    Pueblo en llamas.png
    Zombies+Flint and steel+Iron golems+Villagers=Fun
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  18. Exactly how far out do you have to go to find NPC villages
  19. You don't neccessarly have to go far, most of the villages so happen to be far away.