Griefed? smp9 GoldFarm

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  1. I think the Goldfarm on smp9 wild has been griefed as two of the three beacons are not working and an emerald block is missing from the top of a small structure. I was here yesterday and everything was fine.
  2. do /staff, and if someone is online, go to the server they are on and PM them that the gold farm was briefed. If none are online, just wait or PM them in the forums
  3. Send a PM to a few staff members on the forums with as much detail as possible.
  4. What tuq and DJ said - get a hold of a staff member online to do a grief report out there. Once they have seen the damages, then the repairs can be done. Contact GRIP (ShellUser off the top of my head) if you need help with materials making the repairs.

    Also, my sympathies. Griefings suck.
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  5. Got a hold of EvilToade, He took a look told me the person who did it has been delt with. gonna donate some iron blocks to fix one of the beacons.
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  6. Yeah it sucks, not my build but I like it a lot.
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  7. ask GRIP for help ;)
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  8. Good on you for helping repair it. Gratz on getting the beacon functional again. They can be a pain in the butt
  9. Emerald block: check.
    Iron blocks: check.

    Dunno how much iron blocks but I'll sent some your way. Normally we do not refund specific expensive blocks (such as emeralds) but rules are meant to be broken sometimes. Check your mail in 20 - 30 min.
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  10. GRIP also has a res where you can drop off donations. Forget where exactly, but it makes it convenient to donate spare materials.
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  11. /v +grip, on smp5.

    @OP: In the mean time see PM: I got ninja'd, seems Aya send some stuff your way already 8)