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  1. Any staff that see this, been griefed again an had my glass undersea roof broke to flood me, and food an live stock seem to be gone, an i ain't even checked me unlocked chests yet. JUST ANOTHER HAPPY EMC DAY.

    P.S, don't know when it was done, or by who.
  2. enderbro_2 if you have been griefed plz dont make a thread about this if it is a msg to Staff. Start a Private Conversation with a staff on the forums about this
  3. You most likely did not know this, but if you have been grieved in the waste or frontier it is a good idea to report this to a staff via Private Message (PM) on the forums. It is not necessary to make a thread about it in the future. Hopefully your issue will be solved by staff, good luck! :)
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  4. Hello! Sorry to hear that you've been griefed again, but the forums are not a good source for spreading the news. It's suggested that you would file a report ( /report ) and message a staff member in-game or on the forums privately. Just a future insight for the future :)

    Here's a copy and paste to save you time from typing ;): Dramanya, ArchDukeMelon, Zion_Moyer, HxCami10, Baradar67, RainbowChin, Aphaea, AnonReturns, BurgerKnight, Luckygreenbird, crystaldragon13,
  5. nice! three posts in a row telling him to pm staff how helpful :)
  6. I am so going to work on a post tomorrow.

    First and foremost tell staff. Yes, not by posting on these forums but:

    • /staff tells you in-game who is online, talk to them.
    • When that fails (it sometimes does) try: and PM (send a private message) to one of those.
    • 3rd (warning: personal bias follows): when you took care of the above contact GRIP. Tell us what got stolen, what got lost and we'll try to refund your items.
    For now I'll report your post (don't worry, you're not in trouble!) and we'll see what happens next. But: contact us too!
  7. Staff can check logs to see who damaged/broke your blocks, or who did look through chests. As for livestock, there is nothing staff can do (I'm pretty sure).
    We'll find who griefed you, and they'll be punished.

    Sorry this happened to you. Let a staff member know of this incident from here on out please. :)
  8. I will contact you directly - as stated above, forum threads are not ideal for reports :)
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