Grief protection

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  1. Ive seen servers where they offer grief protection using a gold shovel to mark the area, just wondering if we could do something like that with a gold hoe or something, i have been griefed several times and with the growing popularity of my server, i fear this could be a more frequent occurrence.
  2. Pretty soon, a feature called Dragon Tombs will be released which will allow you to claim land in the wilderness (Frontier) using dragon eggs.
  3. I believe dragon tombs is the solver of this problem..
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  4. Oh, ive only heard about them, i just thought that was another End that reset more often, glad to hear that, nvm then
  5. I have one question can you set in a dragon tomb who can build there and do you need a dragon egg to use a dragon tomb?
  6. Dragon Tombs will be found rarely in the frontier/wastelands. You need 5+ people to enter. Survive waves of mobs and a dragon, everyone participating gets an egg.
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  7. The Dragon Tombs will be where you will be able to go in with a group of people and fight the enderdragon (And other things) in a bid to get the egg. Eventually, you will then be able to use these dragons eggs to claim land in the wild.
  8. Still not sure how i feel about grief protection using such a rare item, because some people are afraid to even goto the nether, i remember i had troubles before i knew all the mobs, and most players have never seen or fought a dragon.
  9. Soon a market for dragon eggs will appear after the update...
    Also, Valve Time is running slower, let's go by Aikar time.
  10. Alike time? That will take years!