Grief Protection in the wild

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  1. Hi, I'm pretty new to the server, about 2-3 weeks I think. But not new to Minecraft.

    I don't know if this has been raised before, could not find a thread on it. So please direct me to any old threads on it.

    Why do we not have grief protection in the wild? For peoples builds in the frontier?

    Grief protection: To make it physically impossible for a player to affect a build, even if they wanted to.

    I love building, in fact, that is all I'm really interested in. So I am concerned about grief on things I build outside of town.

    Most of my builds will be outside of town, for two reasons:
    1. Once i've built in town, i have no-where else to build, the frontier offers limitless area to build.
    2. Outside of town offers mob spawning, and many other aspects that enable the building of lots of interesting things.

    I loathe the thought of having to spend hours obtaining more resources to repair/rebuild things a griefer took mins to destroy/steal. (So far, they've all been caught, but i'm still new here).

    If the problem with grief protection is finding plugins or things to use, I'll scour the net for ideas/plugins that others use to find a good fit here?

  2. We do not have such plugins because of the amount of players that play on EMC. nearly 70k (looking at forum registrations). All these players place and destroy blocks all over EMC, across 10 servers! And per server 5 worlds.

    A anti grief plugin requires logs, every block placed everywhere by every member. These logs would be stored on the server and would take up space and create lagggg.

    Instead of a anti grief plugin, we got a radioactive hamster (JackBiggin) and other staff members actively hunting for griefers.
  3. I didn't think all protection/prevention systems required the logging of all events/block changes. But I'm no expert.

    Perhaps the protection stone type system?

    World Guard I think also offers the ability to create tools for players to use to protect the exact area they tell it to.Could even integrate into the Economy system, making it cost rupee's or other earned point system.
  4. What is the protection stone type system :p?
  5. You may have heard of Dragon Tombs; it's an update that has been postponed for more than a year. What I believe it is, is a way to obtain Dragon Eggs through various challenges. Once acquired, you may use these Dragon Eggs to claim land in the frontier.

    I'm not 100% sure if the above information is trustworthy, but this is what I've been hearing around the Empire.
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  6. The problem would also be that players claim areas. Which would mean, with the amount of players on, that you would have to venture atleast 2k blocks out to find some unclaimed wilderness. That's not something I'm looking forward to...
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  7. 2k blocks is not far at all, and the requirement to even claim land with our upcoming Empires system will be more than 2k from an outpost.

    You'll have to consider it an initial investment to journey to a prime location to build, and then once you are out there, you can teleport to and from town at your HQ. so the distance from spawn does not matter but that first trip.
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  8. Precisely what myself and dozens (Hundreds?) of other hibernating players are waiting for!

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  9. OK, a few things to consider:

    1. Whether or not there is a protection system in place, people can still build all around the place and it's still bannable to modify or steal in that area. So protections theoretically won't make a difference to how far you must travel to find free land.

    2. To curb people simply claiming land and doing nothing with it: Just like in town, they become 'dirlect' if you are not using them, or not logged in for X days.

    3. The number of protections you can use, or area you can protect could be limited in some way. You can start with a small amount, and earn more.
    3b. The World Guard type system offers nice customization in that you can specify the exact area down to X, Y, Z coords, and game charges you on how many blocks that covers. It also offers highly customized flags for the area. I do think it requires a lot of logging though.
  10. Ah ok, so there may be something coming (by the sounds of it, far off yet lol)

    OK, definitely sounds like something coming. :) You seem really onto it Aikar, so I know it'll be well done.
  11. If you google "Protection stones" and "Precious stones" you'll find 2 very similar but different protection plugins.

    I'm not a fan of either for a few reasons. But then I have played many servers, and used many different protection and anti-griefing systems. (even factions and towny). The best I ever used was a simplified version of World Guard 'Grief Prevention'. And that was on a automated, unstaffed server.