Grief Plugin! Anti-grief rollback!!

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Would you like to see this on the Empire?

Yes! 13 vote(s) 46.4%
No! 8 vote(s) 28.6%
No, but it's a good idea! 7 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hello Empire, I have noticed that as always there are multiple griefs in the empire. ( Grr those griefers!).
    We have to fix them ourselves wasting our items, and materials to redo something that we had already built in a area that should be safe. I know of a plugin that's named "Prism" & another one that's named "log block" these plugins are used for a rollback/grief management for minecraft.

    If you are asking what they do; pretty much what it does is logs EVERYTHING in the world from someone breaking a block in the world or the environment fire burning trees. Just for an example If I was in the wild with log block there, and I broke a house apart (I would never) when a staff member goes to see who did the grief they will see something like (when they use the plugin)

    "(date) (time) Nick_godoy destroyed stone"

    Once they see that I was the one who broke it, I would be banned for griefing. THE BEST PART of this is once they see who broke it, and what I broke they can ROLL IT BACK. What rollback does is replace the items/blocks the griefer broke in the distance of the staff members command. Example:

    /lb rb player (player) area (area) since (days)

    /lb rb player nick_godoy area 20 since 1d

    After the staff member rollbacks the house that was griefed it will look like no one broke it at all & we will NOT have to waste our own materials to build something OVER again in a SAFE AREA!

    Again, I'm not sure if this will work or comparable with EMC but it's worth a shot to put it in the suggestion box! Plugin links below!!
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  2. Im not sure if/how well this will work, but I like the Roll Back idea :)
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  3. *Gets Alt To Greif House And Gives All Items To Main, Then Main Calls An Admin To Ban Alt And Rollback Place, Then Rinse And Repeat*
    So... Duper Galore? Most Alts Win? Ultimate Gain?
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  4. Aikar would be logging every block that is broken, placed, ignited etc. except there's a big issue. theses logs would be massive and it'd put massive strain on the servers to store and access this data.

    As much as I don't like griefing, I do see it as an opportunity to build something better. You can just rebuild the same thing but what's the point in that? Why not build something bigger and better and possibly more grief resistant.

    When there's a natural disaster IRL, the government can't just use a rollback plugin, they have to spend time and money to rebuild. They'll often build something new and better instead of just rebuilding the same thing.
  5. Ip ban?
    And how many alts do you want to buy if you want to repeat it?
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  6. I'm fairly sure that Aikar is aware of logblock and has considered it. Doubt they will do that when they already have their own anti-grief policy in place.
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  7. But this isn't real life.
    It's a video game sir
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  8. Log Block can cause servers to lag (The larger the server, the more the lag).. There is a log of sorts in Square that logs specific actions but running a server this size with every log being logged would cause so much lag that the server would be unplayable.. I have administrated enough servers with it to know.. :oops:
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  9. Yes, but the point that it offers an opportunity to build something new and better is still valid.
  10. I would be surprised if the server maps were not backed-up regularly, so rolling something back has always been as far away as a copy and paste. It has never been done that I know of and if we were going to use something like log block we probably would have started a long time ago. I'll continue waiting for something that stops the grief from happening in the first place (If you know what I mean(And I think you do.).).
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  11. It could be by chunk.
  12. As many have said, the stress and lag would be terrible. This type of thing has been mentioned before and the lag problem always wins.
  13. This has been suggested so many times now.. The answer has always been no. As everyone else says, The servers couldnt handle the strain caused by this. Logging every single block in an infinite world on a large server is next to impossible.
  14. Backup's cant be used to restore chunk data without TONS of work that I simply would never have the time to do.

    The backups primarily serve the purpose of a massive chunk corruption where it is required to restore a server wide back up just to repair damage done.

    As for the suggestions, LB is a no but I have looked into PRISM, but it will take a lot of time to look into.

    It at first was missing a feature we needed but I had them add it, so its possible now.

    However, its still a massive project as its a new system instead of our own.

    We already have extensive block logs on anyone who griefs (So it only logs when it knows you likely griefed by breaking a block you didn't place), but rolling back is another subject all together.

    As the above said, scamming to dupe items is an issue... as well as the sheer time investment. cant go rolling back everyone’s wooden 5x5 shack in the frontier.
    I mainly was looking at PRISM for the idea of restoring MAJOR griefs, but this is a huge political can of worms that we are simply not ready to dive into yet.

    One day maybe, but not any time soon. EMC stays as stable as it does because we thoroughly think about the future of adding a feature rather than blindly adding. So while it looks clear cut on it solving problems, theres just so many other political aspects to consider too.
  15. Not sure why you quoted my post. Maybe I didn't say what I meant clearly enough. I wasn't suggesting that we actually copy and paste from backups. I was only pointing out that they were possible. There are plenty of ways to restore blocks and plenty of reasons not to. I don't think that griefing happens on a level that things need to be mass restored anyway. My point is that if we could set permissions on chunks in the Wild, we would not have to worry about restoring anything because the grief would not happen in the first place.
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  16. Thank you all for the responses, I did not reply because I wanted to only see responses from others! Also bump!
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  17. Yay! Something Of Mine Was Seen By Aikar! (Even If He Didn't Say My Name =) )

    Its Not An Infinite World... Its Like 30000000 Blocks Wide, Only InfDev Was Infinite I Think So.
  18. That's still about 230400000000 blocks in every world.
  19. you get my point though.