Grief Party

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  1. Hey all, I feel that EMC has lost its flair and I'm leaving...

    Haha, just kidding, this server is amazing :D

    I'm just moving reses so I can move next to my museum, and I'm too lazy to destroy everything :p
    Due to this, I'm inviting all you EMCans to destroy my res!

    December 24th starting at 10AM (ending at whatever time everything is cleared)

    Res 18623 on SMP9


    Some restricted areas-
    • Storage
    • Automatic Farms
    • New Storage
    You may take anything you like, but save some for others :)
    On second thought, there aren't really many rules :p

    Materials on the res:
    • Oak Planks. Lots. Of oak planks (and fences)
    • A little iron and redstone
    • Redstone components (dispensers, droppers, etc.)
    • Wool
    • Torches
    • 2 Daylight sensors
    • Doors
    • A few entities I believe, I'll give egg flag
    • Stone, stone bricks, stone stairs, etc.
    • Glass
    • Some acacia and spruce planks
    • Very few redstone lamps
    • A bat <3
    • A villager named Mr. Hayden :p
    • A few flags
    • One hidden unique EMC item ;)
    I will also have 6 DCs of items in chests on the main floor (1st floor) for anyone that gets there fast.

    You will be given build, redstone, and eggify. If you need any other flags, please contact me in-game on post on this thread. I will not be giving container.

    There will be myself and some of my friends watching over the party to ensure no one goes crazy and destroys things that they're not supposed to.

    Happy destroying! :)
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  2. What Time zone?
  3. Haha, I loved that opening :p
    That's actually at a great time for me, expect to see me there!
  4. I advise that you move the items you dont want destroyed to another res in order to protect them.

    I would offer free storage on my smp2 storage res if needed.
  5. Mr Hayden? *Grabs sword*
  6. EMC Time, or Eastern Time :)
  7. EMC time :)
  8. That'd be great, thank you :)

    I do have tons of chests that I need to move, how many could you provide?
  9. The 6 chests of other random items have been set up on the 1st floor :)

    During the event, I'll give hints every hour if no one finds it.
  10. Bump, only a few hours until the start :)
  11. how long now?
  12. 75 minutes, I'm fairly sure :)
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  13. This is correct, according to my time exchange skills ;)
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  14. And now, 15 minutes until start :)
    Move, build, egg, and redstone will be given right at 10:00 AM EMC Time.
  15. If anyone wants to wait right by my res and jump at the opportunity, you can tp to res 18727.
  16. I decided not to cone, because a grief party doesn't really sound fun to me :)
  17. That's fine, tons of people showed up after I went around the servers :confused: