GRIEF PARTY: 10 residences

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Coming or nah?

Sounds hella rad! 11 vote(s) 42.3%
No thanku 3 vote(s) 11.5%
Now why would I come to a silly grief party, psh 0 vote(s) 0.0%
i came on the empire to have fun and i feel so attacked right now 4 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. IT'S OVER.
    Hi hey hello,

    Today I will be having a grief party, that includes all my accounts residences, so 10.
    Some residences are empty but if you need dirt or just want to derp's your chance!

    (I'm in Las Vegas right now and I don't know how to do American time but it will be at 5PM my time, blame southpark347 if I got it wrong)
    • I will give permissions at 10 minutes after you are expected to be there.
    Residences have everything I own on the Empire. Do not ask why the reason is, and do not post why you think I am having these grief parties.
    • Alyattayla 1,2,3,4
      • 1,2,4 is on SMP7, 3 is on UTOPIA
    • Ayattayla, SMP8
    • TaylaTheDingus, SMP7
    • DauntlessClove, SMP8 (the owner gave me that account when she left)
    • Auqustus, SMP7
    • Chorenn, SMP7
    • TheChosenOne92, SMP7 (not much on it)
    A TWIST:6 Players will be able to win rupees; depending on which residence you find them on.
    • Alyattayla's residence 1 will let you win 100k
      • Residence 1 is basically you may have to dig down or tower up to find it.... :)
    • Rest of the residences will let you win whatever rupees that account has got to offer,
      • Say Ayattayla has 32k (probably not though), the person who finds the code for Ayattayla's residences wins 32k
    I really do not know what I have in most of the chests on these residences.

    There is a chance you will find promos and rares!

    Note: My builds aren't like your regular amazing builds out of iron/diamond blocks so do not be disappointed when you see there are you are like "oh"
    Another note: Sometimes my "friends" and I like to derp around my residences and have signs saying random stuff, but yes contact the mental hospital if you wish

    EDIT: The title means 10 residences...I forgot one of my alt accounts.
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  2. I just had to be in the wild 150k blocks out on smp7.
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  3. Interesting. I hope I can be there.
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  4. I might be a little late. Save the best for last ;)
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  5. 2 am alarm set
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  6. Well...there's still Utopia and SMP8! :D
    I hope so too. :)
    It's okay...never know what people could leave behind!
    You, my friend, might get some clues for your effort.
  7. sounds good if i can wake up
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  8. I'll hope to be there :D
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  9. A flaming shadow shall descend upon smp7, smp8, and utopia this night.... :D
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  10. :O Will see if I can make it.
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  11. May or may not be there. :) Thanks for the great party! :D
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  12. What server does this start on?
  13. Well, I will go from 14747 straight to the other residences on SMP7 first, while my brilliant friend *deathconn* does the permissions of the residences on SMP8. Once I am done with the SMP7 permissions, I will be going straight to Utopia.

    TWENTY minutes until it starts! :)
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  14. Solution: Find Water, then jump in. No further actions needed.
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  15. Thanks! I had a ton of fun derping around. :p
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  16. lol i got like supplies to rebuild and awesome-ify my place!
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  17. 3 Empire Minecraft fireworks, Haunted Head, Unused Rudolph, 6 Egg-cellent wands, stack of emerald blocks, rupee voucher, 25 Silk Touch/Fortune III picks, and a head.

    Good day, good day.
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  18. Just to clarify, this is in 18 minutes, right?
    Or was it 42 minutes ago?
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