[Grief] 1111 Griefing

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  1. 1111 grief.PNG
    Here Are The Rules And Time

    The Permissions Are Given At Friday the 8th February 11PM CEST

    Trying to set it on fire = Bye Bye Perms ;)

    (Aikar sneaked in, photogenic guy right there for you guys) A friendly timezone converter - http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
  2. Damn I was looking forward to this but ill be working at that time. :(
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  3. May I ask why your taking it down?
  4. Why are you getting rid of 1111 and moving to 1112?
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  5. The diamond sign is gone D=
  6. The answer is simple, the big builds 1211 and 1111 kinda ruined the view of both buildings xD
  7. I am pretty sure he was just trying to photo bomb you. :p
  8. Why not just turn firespread off?:)
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  9. What are the contents inside? # of beacons? # of diamond blocks?

    More questions :
    Is it a shop?
    If it is a shop, are beacons/diamonds/enchants stocked?
    If it is a shop, will all of the chests full of stuff you WERE going to sell, gone?
    Give us a list of ALL the blocks and other items needed to construct the building?
  10. Yes it is, or was a shop.
    And I doubt that any stock will be left in the building.
    A probably impossible list.
  11. Faith is a magic guy, don't frown upon his magic.
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  12. Note the "probably"
    "It takes magic to break the improbable"
    -Me, just now
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  13. what exactly is left?
  14. Item lists!=D
    hhh.PNG kjhgj.PNG klhjkgture.PNG fkjghks.PNG Cafjmhgbsdkjfture.PNG
  15. You have the magic powers also?
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  16. Yes, i do;) Look above^^^^^^^^^^^^^:)
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  17. wow, cant wait
  18. Great thing but... WHY ON FRIDAY? I can all days except friday!!!!!
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  19. Dat gold and iron. Mine.
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