Grey Matter: Nuclear Factions

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  1. Note: Bits and pieces of this go to fluff, who made a similar forum game, and fueled my Fallout addiction.

    So, I might have just gotten addicted to Fallout... (Thanks Fluff)
    Anyway, This was actually something I've been thinking of for a while, but with my new Fallout addiction, it's morphed and changed into Grey Matter: Nuclear Factions.

    Humans. They have shaped this world for the last 20,000 years. Weather for better or for worse, it's changed. Innovation, Creativity, Creation... And then Greed. Humans... They have destroyed this world with their greed. War. Our way of claiming what is 'rightfully' ours. We walk up to other people, people who could be our friends, who could help us, and then... pop the trigger. War has desolated this land. Now we realize the consequences, we hope our ancestors will understand... They have destroyed the world their children live on. Nuclear war has destroyed our population. The human race has finally found a way to live and work together. We live in factions, each trying to survive, trying to stay alive. And now, something big has happened...

    Nuclear Release - +5% Nuclear Production -5% Spacial Production
    Dark Desolation - +5% Corrupt Production -5% Pure Production
    No Man's Land - +5% Attack Damage -5% Karma
    Burning Phoenix - +5% Napalm Damage -5% Hydra Production
    Space Race - +5% Spacial Production -5% Nuclear Production
    Scientific Progress Goes Boom - +1 Intelligence -1 Strength
    Conjuration - +1 Luck -1 Endurance
    Light Creation - +5% Pure Production -5% Corrupt Production

    • No Godmoding
    • No Powergaming
    • Language is allowed, please, however put it in a spoiler if it contains words that would not be allowed on EMC.
    • Ammo is not monitored down to the number, but please, keep it realistic.
    • You can die from: Dehydration - Hunger - Over-Radiation - Wounds - Infection. To protect against these, you must drink water, eat food, take Rad-Away, apply bandages/take pain pills, and Anti-Infection.
    • Put the word "Grey" inside your application somewhere.
    • Your milkshake does not bring all the boys to the yard.
    • When talking OOC (out of character) please either do ((this)) or OOC: this.
    • Karma's a large decision maker.
    • I have the right to add more rules, or edit these rules as I see fit.

    Age (somewhere between 12 and 65)
    SPECIAL: (you may invest 42 points.)
    Karma (use the D&D Karma ranks)
    Bio (Although Amnesia is not going to get me really pissed)
    Inventory (10 Items or less please, remember ammo)

    For Example,

    Name - Jordan Hoff
    Age (somewhere between 12 and 65) - 12
    Gender - Male
    Appearance - Slightly shorter than most, cuz he's born in a later month, Caucasian, Brown hair, glasses
    Faction - Burning Phoenix
    SPECIAL: (you may invest 42 points.)
    Strength - 4
    Perception - 3
    Endurance - 7
    Charisma - 6
    Intelligence - 10
    Agility - 6
    Luck - 6
    Personality - Light-Hearted, Holds Grudges, Friendly, Funny
    Karma (use the D&D Karma ranks) - Chaotic Neutral
    Bio (Although Amnesia is not going to get me really pissed) Unknown
    Inventory (10 Items or less please, remember ammo)
    Chaotic Sword
    Darkness Phase
    Plasma Pistol
    2 Antivenom
    2 Med-Kits
    2 Packs water
    1 Caravan Lunch
  2. I got this thing. I just need to do this on a laptop.

  3. Name - Jack Morton
    Age (somewhere between 12 and 65) - 15
    Gender - Male
    Appearance - Tall and skinny, darker skin,
    Faction - Dark Desolation
    SPECIAL: (you may invest 42 points.)
    Strength - 8
    Perception - 2
    Endurance - 12
    Charisma - 8
    Intelligence - 5
    Agility - 3
    Luck - 4
    Personality - Relaxed, witty, non-mainstream
    Karma (use the D&D Karma ranks) - Chaotic Neutral
    Bio (Although Amnesia is not going to get me really pissed) Does this mean a biography? --grey-- lol
    Inventory (10 Items or less please, remember ammo)
    8 25mm grenades
    Chaotic Sword
    Caravan Lunch
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  4. Name: Kacey
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Erm you saw in the convo...
    Faction: Burning Phoenix (FIIIIIIIIIIIIRREEEEEEEEE)
    SPECIAL: (you may invest 42 points.)
    Strength: 5
    Perception: 6
    Endurance: 5
    Charisma: 7
    Intelligence: 5
    Agility: 7
    Luck: 7
    Personality: Heartless, does what I believe is best for my vision of society, if it involves hurting others so be it...
    Karma (use the D&D Karma ranks): Have no idea...
    Bio (Although Amnesia is not going to get me really pissed): "Grey"
    Inventory (10 Items or less please, remember ammo):
    One Pyro Dagger (If possible, if not then just a normal combat dagger) sharpened to the point of easily cutting flesh
    One Dagger sharpened however back side has teeth to cut wood/bones
    One flint and tinder set
    One bow
    Four arrows whose tips can be lit with fire
    One napalm grenade
    And one standard ration consisting of bread dried meat and water.
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  5. I mean not to sound mean or rude but instead of having two threads why can't we just use the other fallout forum game thread?
  6. 'Cause this is an idea I had a while back, just it's been Fallout-inized :p
    *adds credits to fluff*
  7. Check out my 8 grenades ! And watch out for a banana In a tailpipe.
  8. Ohhhh so the two threads are completely different and not the same?
  9. ((note: The Chaotic Sword is a one-of-a-kind item, belonging only to me. I have downgraded it to a Corrupt sword))
    You wake up in a bed. You feel like you just died....
    ((D&D Karma thingies
    Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
    Lawful Neutral Neutral Chaotic Neutral
    Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil))

    WAKE UP!
    WAKE UP!!!!!
    WAKE THE F&%$ UP!!!!
  10. Errm who are the hydras? Whats going on? Give me a sec to get up...
  11. ((Hydras are like the Phoenix's mortal enemies :p)) I pull out my sword. I run at the hydras, Getting ready to enter blood rage. I swing my sword. Head after head after head flies. I stomp in a couple more heads. I pull out my Pistol, and enter VATS. One, two, three, four, five, six heads. I shoot them all. "BACK ME UP HERE KACEY!"
  12. I think hydras are like 3 headed dragons on something
  13. :p
  14. "COMING!" I gather my gear and run after you into battle with my dual daggers swiftly stabbing every hydra I come within 5 feet of.
  15. I wanted to sign up but I can't find my laptop so I am on the iPad. I will try it with the iPad but it doesn't copy paste well
  16. ((This is completely irrelevant but your profile pic is freaken creepy...))
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  17. I run to the ammo supply, grabbing a napalm bomb. I set it to detonate. "RUN!!" I yell. I take cover in my bunk.
  18. I stab the closest Hydra and run as fast as I can to the nearest cover leaving me a bit exhausted from the short sprint.
  19. After resurfacing from the explosion, I begin recovering. "Come, we should get out of here. Let's go to another Phoenix base."