Gremlindans Utopia Res

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  1. Hi, im currently about 90% of the way to completing my utopia res so thought i would get feedback to what everyone thinks.

    If you would like to have a look around in person its at utopia 5001. tho you may or may not get in to buildings as i have around 30 villagers wondering around and living there.

    Here is a map that shows the builds i currently have. tho if you think of ones i could have please let me know in comments and ill try add them in.

    1. House
    2. House
    3. Bakery
    4. The Itchy Palm Tavern / Thief Guild
    5. Butcher
    6. Farmer
    7. The Monkey's Uncle Tavern / Hotel
    8. The Hunters Guild / Assassins Guild
    9. Textiles
    10. Carpenter
    11. Blacksmith
    12. Mercenary's Guild
    13. Nature Warehouse
    14. Builders Warehouse
    15. Miners Guild / Storeroom
    16. Inventor
    17. House
    18. House
    19. Apothecary
    20. Beacon Church

    The res also has built in street lights hooked up to a day and night sensor. which is built in between the textile house and the 2 warehouses.

    The underground of the res has a built in

    But sadly the enchanting room does not work as of a redstone bug.

    I decided to add a list of all blocks in this build blocks not mentioned bedrock dirt and air.
    Wood Planks,8315
    Spruce Sapling,18
    Birch Sapling,13
    Jungle Sapling,17
    Gold Ore,1
    Iron Ore,1
    Coal Ore,1
    Pine Wood,357
    Birch Wood,397
    Jungle Wood,465
    Pine Leaves,2432
    Birch Leaves,2623
    Jungle Leaves,2560
    Leaves (Permanent),25
    Lapis Lazuli Ore,1
    Note Block,4
    Sticky Piston,196
    Tall Grass,2811
    White Wool,1661
    Orange Wool,1
    Magenta Wool,1
    Light Blue Wool,1
    Yellow Wool,1
    Lime Wool,6
    Pink Wool,1
    Gray Wool,1
    Light Gray Wool,1
    Cyan Wool,1
    Purple Wool,7
    Blue Wool,34
    Brown Wool,1
    Green Wool,1
    Red Wool,6
    Black Wool,1
    Brown Mushroom,9
    Red Mushroom,8
    Block of Iron,217
    Double Stone Slab,4834
    Double Sandstone Slab,195
    Double Cobblestone Slab,31
    Double Stone Brick Slab,2
    Stone Slab,3174
    Sandstone Slab,1857
    Cobblestone Slab,675
    Stone Brick Slab,348
    Stone Slab,8549
    Wooden Stairs,4582
    Redstone Wire,2129
    Diamond Ore,1
    Crafting Table,38
    Wooden Door,288
    Stone Stairs,3816
    Wall Sign,137
    Stone Pressure Plate,146
    Iron Door,20
    Redstone Ore,1
    Redstone Torch ,246
    Sugar Cane,1344
    Soul Sand,44
    Redstone Repeater,196
    Stone Bricks,14495
    Circle Stone Bricks,90
    Iron Bars,10
    Glass Pane,823
    Pumpkin Stem,144
    Melon Stem,144
    Fence Gate,1
    Stone Brick Stairs,844
    Nether Brick,4
    Nether Fence,20
    Nether Stairs,4
    Nether Wart,44
    Enchantment Table,3
    Brewing Stand,13
    Redstone Lamp,504
    Oak-Wood Double Slab,31
    Spruce-Wood Double Slab,2
    Jungle-Wood Double Slab,152
    Oak-Wood Slab,2985
    Spruce-Wood Slab,2
    Birch-Wood Slab,768
    Jungle-Wood Slab,2
    Oak-Wood Slab,7747
    Sandstone Stairs,1276
    Emerald Ore,1
    Ender Chest,1
    Spruce-Wood Stairs,48
    Birch-Wood Stairs,1710
    Jungle-Wood Stairs,22
    Beacon Block,4
    Cobblestone Wall,6041
    Wooden Button,5

    I would like all positive and negative feedback and suggestions of buildings i can add or maybe changes to current buildings. also any questions feel free to post in comments and i will try to get around to answering them.

    oh and i am also looking for a name for the village/town so any you think would go well please let me know.

    Texture pack i use for building this is KoP Photo Realism which can be found
  2. Very Nice!
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  3. thanks :)
  4. i look forward to exploring your res good job :D
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  5. I will be on in a couple mins to explore... It looks good from the screenshots :)
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  6. thanks :)

    thanks :)

    if you would like access to buildings let me know and i will come on and open up doors also teleport plates to underground rooms are to the side of the north gate you will need to re tp to res to get back to surface
  7. That's amazing! :)
    Tomorrow I'm gonna look.
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  8. thanks :)
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  9. whoa, that is freaking awesome!
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  10. thanks :)
  11. if you wouldn't have posted that, you could have entered it into the dragon egg contest.
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  12. never thought of that. oh well maybe once its finished 100% another contest will be suitable.
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  13. Looks great! I started a similar concept a looooooong time ago. But, as usual, got sidetracked... and then joined the staff. So it's been sitting there for quite some time. So long ago, it has an enchanting room with a switch to remove bookcases.... similar to what you've got going on. :D
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  14. thanks :).

    ha ha i know the feeling i get side tracked all time iv still got another build still to finish but got into this build.

    im thinking if i cant get around redstone bug i may have to use levers which is a shame.
  15. wow
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  16. thanks :)
  17. (Read this while playing this: )

    I like to render my res in chunky, make them better than soulpunisher, make an epic build no time for sleep.

    I lost it completely at the end. Anyways, great job on this res and good luck with future projects. Really want to see more from you :)
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  18. lol very good and thanks :)

    thanks that was prob my 3rd time with chunky first 2 times i made it to small so for 3rd time i had to empty the res near me so it would be open fields much easier to render than whats really there.

    i doubt i would be able to top this with my projects tho hope to get close. i really need at least 1 more utopia res so i can do big projects like this much more fun. my next one would be on my 3rd res i would think as i still need to finish that one.
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  19. I've only used Chunky twice.

    One to showcase a Mooshroom I built for my server's spawn, and the second I did for the LLO.
  20. Holy cow G-DAWG (Still cracks me up). This is pretty epic :D
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