Greifing classification.

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  1. Ok, so today I was building a castle in the wastelands (Yes I know it gets reset) and apparently there was a small complaint, which really wasnt much of a big deal at all and was resolved immediatly, however it did raise a question to me, What is classified as griefing? Now, in a small situation like this, I blocked access to a mine that I didnt know was there because it had the appearance of a general cave. When told someone inquired why my build was over my mine I re-built an enterance and all was good. But heres my question, if someone is trying to make an enterance to a base/mine or really any build secret and conceals it in a mountain and someone builds a castle on top of that mountain (this is all an exaple) does the owner of the concealed base have rights to ask the owner of the castle to tear it down? I mean, this didnt bother me at all but Im curious how this would be handled on a bigger scale.
  2. Probably not, unless they built the mountain themselves or if it was obvious the base was there.
  3. Well if it is hidden then nobody knows not to build there so the castle should stay. Griefing in the wastelands is the same as griefing in the wild as several things especially bad: Killing someone, breaking their house( it may be temporary and need it to get to Town without dying)/spamming blocks inside ruining it, or taking from chests.
  4. Yeah, maybe.
  5. But I mean greifing withoug knowing it. Obvoiusly both parties wouldnt want to move and if it wasnt intentional would it still be classed as greifing?
  6. So then what would if both parties wanted the other to move?
  7. Since no one owns land in EMC (yet...), I would assume both parties have the right to stay there.
  8. If it's hidden, it's not your fault that you build over it.
  9. I tried to explain this in-game to you, but I'll do it on here as well. The castle you are building is immediately leaving the spawn point in the wastelands. You step from the quartz steps straight onto your castle. The area had a cave that appeared to be dug out and leading to a mining shaft. It was not hidden really. Your castle blocked the access to the mine and thus we received a report about it from people that use that mine to secure materials.

    As for your definition of griefing:
    Griefing is the destroying or altering of another person's creation without their permission. Creations can be mines as well as buildings and should be treated with respect, no matter the quality.

    I do understand what you mean by making a castle on a hill and it obstructing someone's mine unintentionally. And as is the case with your situation we simply asked you to make sure there was a way to access the mine for the person's use and no harm, no foul. Now if an argument were to ensue over it, technically the creation that was there first has precedence.

    In real life they have something called "right of access". Basically it means that if you buy a piece of property and are unable to access it via roads, you have the right to drive/walk over another person's property in order to get to yours. The same concept applies here.
  10. Here's an option: I had a similar situation in the frontier wild. I have a cave with access to some nice resources that I built inside of and made into a fairly comfortable and fun dwelling. I deliberately recreated a natural looking hill over it in order to hide it. One day I went out to it and discovered someone building a tower and a lookout directly on top of it. I did not accuse them of griefing me because my place was not harmed at all, and he had obviously not dug into it or noticed it. The builder of the tower and I ended up sharing both his tower and my cave. We simply converted my place into a large basement for the tower and now our base is better than before. No harm done.