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  1. Greetings, started Mincraft perhaps a few months ago and joined Empire Minecraft almost 50 days ago.
    I am on Smp9 and currently have a hobbitish place.
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  2. I live on SMP9 too! Nice to hear you've been sticking around, I hope you're enjoying it here. Welcome to the Empire I suppose! :D
  3. Grats on your 50 days, I hope you have many more. :)
  4. Welcome, I hope you'll keep having fun! :)
  5. Welcome to EMC! :)
  6. Welcome to the Empire and the forums Insanity. So do you call your home Bag End? ;) Enjoy your stay. :)
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  7. The Empire is such a great place I may as well Congratulate you for joining!
  8. Welcome to EMC! Congratz on 50 days! :) I'll see ya around sometime! ;)