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  1. Hello, everyone! I'm Skyeway, a new member of the server. I'm here with a partner and so far we love the server. Not sure if this is the appropriate thread for questions but I do have a couple of them.

    First being is there a manner in which one can set a home to a base on the Frontier? Or will one have to manually travel between the base and an outpost via trail blazing and/or saddling up and riding?
    Is there a manner in which I can speak in-game and communicate with players on a wider scale? And if so, how? So many questions! It's safe to say this Padawan is accepting a Mentor >.>

    Thanks for your time!
  2. Welcome!

    To get back and forth from anywhere outside of town you will have to travel by foot or horse/pig.
    To speak in-game to people, you mostly have to be in town or near enough others can hear you if in the other worlds.
  3. Ah, thank you :D Also, just to be clear, while leaving the warp posts that took me to the Frontier, I noticed a lot of griefed/destroyed buildings. Griefing is -NOT- permitted on the server, correct?
  4. First of all, welcome! :)

    You can't teleport to places in the frontier. Unless you set your spawn there by clicking in a bed, and then purposefully kill yourself, but that's not the most convenient way, and you'll still have to walk back to the frontier/waste spawn.
    If you have a permanent base, where you want to be going time after time, people tend to make a railway in the Nether. As you may know, one block in the Nether equals to four blocks in the Overworld, so you can travel much faster that way. It takes up a lot of resources though, so only do that if you plan on using it a lot.
    I don't know what you mean by "on a wider scale". But I'll tell you about the most useful chat channels, if you didn't know about them yet.
    To switch channels, just do "/c [insert channel here]"
    When in town, you can just use channel "t". Using that you can talk to everyone in town. When speaking about economical things though (for instance, asking who wants to buy your promo or something) you should use channel "e".
    This channel works the same as T but people can turn it off if they are bugged too much by it and do not care about economical things.
    When in the wastelands in the frontier, chat is defaulted to "l". With L you can talk to anyone near you. If you aren't near enough to anyone, chat will tell you so.
    You can also use group chat, "g". To do that just type "/help group" or something like that in-game, it'll tell you a lot about it. You can /invite people to your group, and then they can talk to you via group chat. This is useful when you want to talk with multiple people, but not everyone ought to hear it. Especially in the waste/frontier it's great, because I believe that even when you're far away from each other, you can still talk using group chat. One thing to note is that while in a group with somebody, you are sharing xp and have a chance at getting buffs while mining or slaying mobs. Pretty cool, huh? :)
    Wow, that was a long post, and I haven't even had breakfast yet.
    I hope you all figure it out, if there's still something you do not know, you can also try checking out the wiki (tab on the top of the page).
    I hope you'll have a great time here! :D
  5. Ah, many thanks for the information! :D One final quick thing I noticed and wanted to inquire about. I noticed coal spawns in the overworld, but does iron? In situations like my most current where I'm only in need of 3 iron ingots to make a bucket and 1 ingot to make a flint and steel, I don't really want to travel all the way to Wasteland for 4 iron ores. If I -have- to, obviously I will but all the same, I'm curious xD
  6. How do you mean? Of course iron spawns in the overworld, why wouldn't it? :)
  7. A common way to travel from your frontier base is nether rails since it's something like one over world block equals four nether I'm not sure so all you have to do is some maths and get some iron and hide t somewhere around the wild nether and your a gogo
  8. Welcome to the Empire, sir ;)
  9. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  10. Griefing is not permitted anywhere, but all around the spawns looks like crud because people gather resources really close instead of traveling out a little, also creeper explosions. It gets reset at times but then looks just the same. If it's buildings, people might have either given up or just didn't care and moved on. But if you're griefed, let staff know in a private message on the forums and they can investigate and ban the person.
  11. Welcome to the empire. You will make lots of friends here.
  12. Welcome to the Empire Skyeway. This is a great server. Just a couple of things. 1. nether travel I believe is 1 in the nether to 8 in the over world and if you want to talk in real life to others on the server you can use "mumble", just check the wiki. Enjoy your stay here with your partner. :)
  13. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :)
  14. Thank you :D Thank you! Perhaps I just haven't gotten lucky in finding Iron.
  15. Welcome to EMC! Yes, there is iron (and other stuff), but it's probably been taken if it's really close to the spawn. So spread out a bit more. :)
  16. Hey welcome to the Empire!

    If living in the wild, be sure to make a bed! Easy way to set your spawn point if you die.
    If you see a player made structure, or placed blocks, leave them be. Any griefing = ban.
    Much of what you probably saw could indeed be griefed (those people are gone) but damage is done.
    So, if someone plays for awhile, gets griefed, and not around to fix it... its how it remains.

    The waste is the best way to get resources. Waste gets reset from time to time to bring in new blocks, etc.
    Wilderness is more set up for building and wild living out of town.

    Anyhow, hope to see you around! If you got any questions, or ever have issue you can do /staff and ask! If you see me, be sure to stop around and say hello!
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