Greetings and Salutations Everyone!

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  1. My username is HeroRarehart, but I like to be called just Hero. A friend of mine told me about your server and so far I find it to be a nice a friendly server ^^

    I'm also part of a small gaming group called the Monsters, so don't be surprised every now and again I pop on and livestream some random goofiness on the server.

    I thank you for letting me be part of your community and hope to interact with many of you in the future.
  2. hello, and welcome!
  3. Welcome to the Empire Hero! Hope you like it here! :D If you're ever stuck the guide is here to help! :)
  4. Hey what are the names of the different plugins involved with this server? They look pretty neat ^^
  5. most of them are heavily modded plugins or plugins that the empire made itself
  6. The main plugin is called Aikar. He coded most of EMC, and is the glue that holds emc together.
  7. The plugins are custom made by Aikar, one of the server Admins. :)
  8. Well, yes and no. It's Aikar and JustinGuy. :p
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  9. They're amazing plugins that I wouldn't mind using on my private server, to see the stats of horses that is, I've looked everywhere to find plugins that would do that. Like I said, they're amazing!
  10. good luck getting emc's plugins they are locked up tight
  11. :cool: Welcome to the Empire! :)
  12. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here :)
  13. Welcome to the empire, Hero! :D