[Gratuit(Free] Finest Le Signature de Kyle (Kyle's Finest Signature buisness)

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  1. Take 2:

    Hello everyone. Kyle here and I am starting the Finest Le Signature de Kyle (Kyle's Finest Signature buisness)!

    Ordering form:

  2. Looks good. Thanks for the photo credit!
  3. *hint* its ''Le Signature de Kyle'' not La :)
  4. Typo to me.. Not the translator's fault it's mine. I know a little bit of Canadian French
  5. Or even better: Les Meilleurs Signature de Kyle
  6. MRW I see this thread:

    Never. Ever. Ever. Use a translator for Latin-based languages like French and Spanish. They either leave out/add one or more words or just mess it up completely. Your current title says "Le Signature de Kyle" which literally means "The Signature of Kyle" or "Kyle's Signature" in English. I'd suggest either pluralizing it or add "business" into the mixture. I didn't come here just to shoot down your French, just to help you improve. Because, like you said:
    Canadian French and France French (not the correct terminology, so shh :p) do have their similarities, but also their grammatical and verb usage differences. This is one of them. ;)

    And now for the order:

    Thank you!
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  7. This order is going to take a while due to K Days and the background. Will get it finished though.
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  8. Edited the resolutions so the blocks won't appear distorted :)
  9. Can you provide the background? I have been searching google and making a wall of the blocks to make the background.
  10. Sure. What resolution should I set it as?
  11. Any.
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  12. Actually, I believe the correct terminology would be "Les Meilleurs Signatures de Kyle" (8 years of French Immersion baby)
  13. Going to Late French Immerson next year or not
  14. 8 years? You are only 11. :confused:. I am 15 and I only have had 3.
  15. 12 :p
    I was in French Immersion since Kindergarden :p