[Graphic designer] Looking for a wizard to create a logo

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  1. Greetings EMCians!

    I'm looking for a talented wizard of the lands far far away, to brew a logo of epicness. I have sent messengers to every kingdom in the hopes of finding the wizard who can help me on this quest.

    I am looking for a person who is a graphic designer and can create a complicated logo for me in Photoshop/illustrator or any other programme.

    Thy shall be rewarded handsomely.

    Please find the bulletin board closest to you or send a message by raven!

    Thanks in advance,


  2. sent
  3. You can PM me too if you are interested ;)
  4. comming right up!
  5. Shoot me the details and I'll see if I can help out :)
  6. Shots fired.
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  7. PM me. I can do basic 2D things, like my avatar, but my forte is Minecraft 3D rendering.