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  1. I've recently taken up graphic design. I'm not particularly good at it yet and haven't done a whole lot of work, but I'm learning and improving. I'm trying to build my portfolio, and that's where you all come in! If you have something that you would like designed, I'm happy to give it a go. It's free and I'm open to designing anything (Minecraft related or not, whatever) as long as it's appropriate and you give me credit for it if you want to use it publicly.

    Here's what I've done so far (I'll update this as I go):

    Something I did for no reason because I got bored and thought of this lame pun

    A logo I made for LittleJimSlade's Twitch channel
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  2. Dang you! I was just about to make a thread about graphic design and wanting to know some more about it. I will wait 2 more days now c:
    In actuality though, nice duck!
  3. Wow that duck is pretty cool!
  4. would it be possible to make a twitch avatar for me?
  5. What programs are you using, I have heard photoshop is the best.
  6. Sure! Can you PM a link to your channel and let me know what you want included? (what text, any specific symbol/image) I can get started on it.
    A combination of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, but mostly Illustrator. Photoshop is great for photo manipulation and good for playing with colors, but Illustrator is waaay superior if you're working with any text/drawn/shapey elements.
  7. thanks to the awesome work of bemvino87 i now have this!!!
  8. This looks great! :D Good work bem!
  9. These look pretty good! I too do graphic designing :D
  10. I'd like to see what you can make based off of this picture (Not mine):

    I need a new phone background in a 1:1.8 (W:H) ratio and I figured I might as well see what you can do. I don't have anything specific in mind.
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  11. I assume you're thinking of something similar to the duck? That's a little bit difficult here because the fur is just sooo textured, but I'll give it a go.