[Graphic Contest] Looking for a person to make a nice Logo

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Are you happy about my return?

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  1. Greetings Emperians!

    Most of you may or may not know me, I'm an EMC Old-Timer who happens to be good at building. I left EMC for a few months because I was busy with University projects and lot's of other stuffs, but lets not weep over the past, for I am back! A fresh paintjob ready to go!

    Here comes my question:

    I used to have a building service, but I stopped that service when I left. Now that I'm back I wanna start building again. However, I need a nice neat logo for my building services.

    Here's my old building service thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/eclipsys-master-building-services.9750/

    I'm looking for an epic and modern logo/signature, which has my face on it and the name of my service ''Eclipsys' Master Building Services''. I want it to look minecraft-ish with a touch of outer space (and a reference to my name ''Eclipsys'' or The Eclipse). Size doesn't really matter, it can either be HD or lower quality, as long as it fits the signature block :D

    The reward will be 15k! But that amount might change if I like the epic designs I know you can come up with :D

    The contest will end in 2 weeks! (The 9th of JUNE)

    Start posting!

    ~Eclipse Signing off
  2. Sounds good :)

    I'll do my best - even though I'm not much of a graphic artist ;)
  3. I'll try what I can do. :)
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  4. Bump-a-dump
  5. Welcome back to the empire!
    Ill see what I can do.
  6. Well... Time to get to work. Is there any way to get a pic of your face?
  7. **EDIT**

    It must be a Wide signature :) To fit right in this signature bar

  8. Do you happen to know the dimensions?
  9. Anything wide like the things I already have down there should be ok, experiment :D
  10. kephras, come here!
  11. I messaged him via conversation :)
  12. #SearchingForCoolPictures!
    A.k.a. BUMP D:!
  13. Same here. :p
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  14. No more graphic guru's around here? Come on EMC!!!
  15. Why... so... much contests... head... gonna...explode..
  16. hmmm
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  17. Haha that's the sound of creativity
  18. As creative as i may believe i may be. You are a fantastic artist and would gladly yield to one of your creations for this.