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Have you Bought Grand Theft Auto V for PC? Are You Still Downloading?

YUS! I have Bought It and I've Finished Downloading Already. 4 vote(s) 23.5%
YESH! I Have Bought It. But... I Haven't Finished Downloading Yet ;-; 2 vote(s) 11.8%
Нет! Nein! Nope! жоқ! nie! geen! I Did NOT Have Bought GTA V. 6 vote(s) 35.3%
Whattafreak is GTA? 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Картофель ... Картофель везде! 5 vote(s) 29.4%
  1. Well after months and months of waiting... It's finally here People! Rockstar did not forget about us PC gamers. Well... As some of You may know GTA V is now available for Pre-Load (Download before the gmae launches). Of course I'm curious So I wanted to know how many lost souls are/have Downloading/Downloaded It.

    Let me know by voting and also write something down in the comments and tell us how much time (If you already downloaded) It took, or how much is your current progress?
  2. I have it! On Xbone, also had it day one of release on 360.
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  3. I have it on 360, lol, but my PC definitely doesn't have enough storage to store this game. I've already got waaaaaaay too many games on it. However, when I buy my PS4, I'll definitely get it for that.
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  4. I have it, but have not been able to download it as of yet because i am out of the country. Thanks for letting me know it was available for pre-load! I have it on 360 but decided to get it on pc as well. I doubt i will be playing it much when it comes out because game of thrones is coming out and GoT is life <3
  5. I don't comprehend the words coming from your text "GTA"

    The only words I know of are the English language and "Minecraft"

    What is this so called "GTA"

    JK JK
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  6. Here's my progress so far... Gosh... It will take me some time :D GTAVDownloadProgress.png
  7. I got GTA V the moment it came out on PS3 and although I enjoyed the game its not something I'd buy again for PC or next gen. Mainly because of the (IMO) low replay value. I can still fire up GTA IV and have some (single player) fun with Niko, Luis and Johnny but after I finished GTA V I got bored way too quickly. There's nearly nothing to do.

    The only fire fights I can get into are with the police and well; you'll never win those. So that's boring. But other than that; forget it. Maybe hitting up the Ballas down town but if you do that the police are going to get involved real quick after which the party will be short lived once more. Without GTAO I wouldn't even be playing GTA V anymore. While I still fire up IV from time to time. IMO the story line in IV went way deeper and was much better.

    So yah, considering that GTAO is basically the only thing which interests me in GTA V I simply don't see the added value of getting it for PC (now; that's not a really fair comment because in general I don't play any games on the PC anymore, consoles only for me).

    Now, I'm not sure where their content is hosted, but if its a R* server then I'm not surprised with slow downloads. First of all; there will be thousands if not millions of players who are going to get this. That's going to cause issues. But second, a wee bit of a sneer, this is R* we're talking about. If I compare this to GTAO gameplay then timeouts and network errors are what defines the game these days. I can honestly not play GTAO for one day without some kind of connection problem, which is kinda depressing.

    I really think they should have added much more activities in single player. And I'm not talking about yoga, cycling and races. I'm talking about recurring missions from the big boys. Playing taxi is a start, but why can't I have gang attacks in single player? Why can't Martin sent me out on the Los Santos Connection in single player? Better yet: why can't the three main characters tag along and do it like that?

    For me single player is boring. The mini-games in IV were fun, sometimes annoying, but something different. in V all you can do is drinking, see the same movie every time (Kleinmann was brilliant in IV) or drive for 5 minutes all the way up to Sandy Shores to play darts. Really; only 1 dart club in the whole county?

    SO yah... No GTA PC for me.

    My (female) GTAO character is approx. level 360 right now, I can literally start most missions from random places and drive towards the target without gps (I played this much too often ;)) and yah. Its fun from time to time. Of course its also totally the wrong game for me since I don't like (and hardly play) PvP. But when I do... hmmm...

    Its amazing how many people don't know about rolling or headshots. Or about squeezing and releasing trigger button to start with auto-target and then get free aim starting with target aim immediately.. Perfect for head shots.

    Its also my #1 complaint about GTAO; the massive amount of immature players. But then again, those do tend to raise my k/d ratios :p
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  8. I asked for a opinion. Not a whole Review about the game XD lol
  9. It's Friday evening, finally got back online and.... It's stronger than me! :)

    Can you ever forgive me? ;)
  10. No worries... I feel You Bruh... I feel Ya...
  11. I see the problem, less than 500kb/s will have pretty slow downloads :p

    Mine runs at about 5mb/s on steam but i bet it will still take me ages haha
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  12. lol, now I feel creeped out :D

    I knew I should have gone for the "GTA answer" even though I would risk getting fried by a mod. You know what? I bet they're not looking (understatement; I'd be checking this thread a little more carefully if I were me, which I'm not. Yet I am ;) confused you? good!).

    SO yah... "Sees here, you got a problem with reviews? Well, we don't take kindly to ppls who has problems with our reviews, see. We's think you should learn how to be more appreciative, seen. You has got an opinion which you's asked for. Say, that is a fine looking horse you got there. Would be a shame if something bad were to happen to it...".

    (I stopped crime movies after the Godfather, didn't like the sequels. Guess it shows) :p

    Disclaimer (I went overboard once, not again): This is all in good fun.
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  13. I don't think that the sequels to many movies are as good as the originals to be honest :p (Just thought I'd throw that in!)

    As for GTA, I had it on Xbox 360 since release and on Xbox One since Christmas 2014. Is it a good game? Yes, it's great, the odd internet hiccups for no reason at all but other than that, everything about this game shows how far Rockstar has gone in making great games. Comparing it to GTA: SA... I loved San Andreas and everything about it, at the time of the game release, it was next level stuff. GTA V blows next level right out of the water, it's great stuff, and topped GTA IV too. I still play GTA IV and SA occasionally because they are great games of course but GTA V... I'm getting carried away. Let's talk about the PC version!

    Will I be buying the PC version of GTA V now? No! I'm not going to spend any more on this game right now, I've already bought it twice on Xbox. It's a great game, for sure, but I've spent a lot on it already. Will I be buying GTA V on PC in the future? It's likely, especially if they release the LCPDFR mod for it (but of course it would be SAPDFR or something like that). So the PC version is going to be great but I'm going to wait for it to go cheap before I think about buying it. No point spending a load of money on it when I have two consoles to play it on already!

    I feel that all I have just said may be a bit... Jumbled? Eh, 2 AM Fendy. Fendy should probably sign this off at this point! :p
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  14. LOL
    Now you made it look like a political speech XD
    You are hilarious!
  15. my gta will take about 3-4 hours :3 to download :/
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  16. How did a GTA Downloading subject became a Movies subject? XD

    Anyways... Well, I have bought only once on my Xbox 360. And now finally I can taste the new generation and play it on PC.

    Well, when you guys get it, tell me! It will be fun to have some friends to play with :D
  17. It might be a while before I even think of getting it. With GTA IV, I waited 4 or 5 years after the original release before I bought it on PC for a low price :p I don't know if I will get it on PC yet but we'll see in the future :D
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