Grand Opening! The Brew Gloo Potion Store

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  1. Howdy, EMC! I'm very proud to announce the opening of my new potion store "The Brew Gloo". The prices are fair and the potions are well-stocked, so come on by! It's at res 4500 on SMP2.
    You can buy potions in quantities of 1 or 9, and if you place a bulk order of one DC or more, you'll get a 10% discount compared to in-store prices! I can also deliver to other servers for 20r per DC. Just know that if you want your potions delivered to smp6 or smp7, please make the access chest(s) for CBninja777 instead of supereskimo.
    We also stock ingredients and related items, but they may not be as well-stocked as the potions.
    Click here for a list of current prices.
    To celebrate, I hosted a drop party with some pretty good drops. Kevdudeman kindly donated several gold blocks to give away.
    So come on down and buy some potions!

    Tl;dr - We had a very nice drop party at 4500. Now it's just a regular potion store, but come by anyway!
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  2. Perfect timing! I'm goin to bed! And promos are gonna statrt dropping...
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  3. Dragon egg?
    What I would suggest is that you keep 22 in stock at all times, and as people buy them have a comparator check how many are left and have an auto brewer set up for every potion.
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  4. Not quite that good, but I did drop a dragon stone :p
    As for the auto-brewing, I prefer doing it all by hand. Call me old fashioned.
    Thanks to everyone who came! I'd say the party was a success :)
    Next time I'll try to plan the event a bit more in advance (if there is a next time).
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  5. Wish I'd noticed this a little earlier, I'd have come too. Ah well, I know how things can be short-notice at times.
    "Brew Gloo"... clever. :D
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  6. Yeah, sorry :/ I have a bad habit of only giving things away on short notice. Also, the idea for "Brew Gloo" wasn't my idea, I believe it was Nyan_Kat7.
  7. Hey I would like to order some dc of stuff.
    I want 2 dc of Health 2 potions, a dc of 8 min strength, a dc of 8 min speed pots, and 2 dc of regen 2 minute potions
  8. Oh and I can pick them up on smp2
  9. Great, I'll get working on that right away! It may take a while to gather enough ghast tears, though. Your total will be 4568 rupees, is that alright?
  10. Sounds good to me! I'll just pay 5k for a tip for the work for those ghast tears
  11. The tip is greatly appreciated! Your order is now ready for pickup at the back of the store :) If you have any problems or comments, let me know.
  12. Great! I'll pick it up tommorow probably. I'm on vacation right now and don't have a computer right now.
  13. Bump. I updated the price list to include all types of potions, including the price per DC (with the 10% bulk discount).
    You can access the price list here:
    Note that most potions are under 1000r per DC!
  14. I know this thread is a little old, but I'm bumping it anyways. Check out my prices and I'm sure you'll be impressed :)
    Also, I'm now selling SC's of extended fire resist potions at the front of the store for only 316r! It's first come first server, but I'll be restocking often, so check back frequently!
    And don't forget, you get a 10% discount when you order 1 or more DC's of potions!
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