Grand Opening ~ Temple of the Jade Serpent SMP1Enchants!

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  1. Hello EmpireMinecraft!
    Tonight/Today/Towhatever location you're at.
    I am finally gonna open up my enchanting store built at 1110 SMP1.
    The building is called Temple of the Jade Serpent, built by AlexChance. I am gonna sell items such and Enchanted Pickaxes, Enchanted Armour and much much more!

    I'm also gonna have an ordering service, as i had when me a Robot_Chicken_66 was running this kind of business together.
    -=LINK HERE=-
    2014-03-01_19.15.46.png 2014-03-01_19.15.51.png
  2. Looks epic what time is the opening? :)
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  3. I can't really say, but in around 6 hours :)
  4. Looks good, but where is the jade? Or the serpent?
  5. you'll see.
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  6. Wow, that building... :p
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  7. seen it for a while now looks great!
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  8. Working non-stop at the moment to finish this up for you guys.. :)!

    In need of Efficiency IV & Unbreaking III books.
  9. Been working 6 hours straight now, almost ready to open, will drop some stuff as i open :)
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  10. and... OPEN :D!
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  11. Yay! :D
  12. No serpent here! Lol