Grand Opening of Chespin's Emeralds!!!

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  1. Hello empire!
    That right over the past few weeks my and my team have been working on building the HQ of the new business.
    Today we got a lot of work done. We are able to open the shop now!

    The shop specializes in emeralds
    But we also sell sugarcane, paper, sell some books, and have a few surprise shops for the opening

    O my gosh Chespin! Your opening a new shop with emeralds? When?

    Saturday November 7th 2015
    6pm emc time
    Bring your money and stock up on great deals!

    On the grand opening day we will also be giving tours to raise money to help us supply the business.
    The tour costs 10r, and will be a full tour of all 4 floors plus a tour of the roof.

    Hope to cya there :)
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  4. Awesome! Glad we got it up and runnin! :D sorry I couldn't help too much, I'm in North Carolina now and won't be on until Sunday afternoon
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  6. How much are they going to cost?
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    *Question: What smp and res :p
  9. On Smp1, Kingchesnaught-3.

    Note: Show up tomorrow for the grand opening!!!
  10. 2311 :3
  11. Reminder to show up!
  12. um what?
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  13. I reserved because im staff of the company, and I'm going to post updates there.
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  14. I indirectly reserved also because I am staff with crazy_TJ. As he said it is to post updates, not sure what the others are doing reserving spots lol...
  15. Do we need 3 spots for updates? XD
  16. Im going to write my review there.
  17. I just like having posts high up on the thread :p XD
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