[Grand Opening] La Grande Exposaria Faith Inc.

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Faithcaster, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. 2014-08-08_17.42.49.png
    When: 8:00PM Empire Minecraft Time.

    What should I bring: An empty inventory.

    What can I expect: A wild castro of fiddle that throws stuff.

    Where: SMP1 - La Grande Exposaria, /v 1011.
    Be there.
  2. Will be there! Congratz on the grand opening and the building looks absolutely EPIC! :D
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  3. How many hours from now?
    Is it held today?
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  4. 8 hours and 7 minutes. It's today.
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  5. bump, around 3 hours and 30minutes to go :p
  6. Fun fact: La Grande is the name of where I live
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  7. I should be able to make it =)
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  8. I will be ZzzzzZzzzzZzzz... :p
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    For the party, all promos, not the glowstone :p
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  10. haha so late for me xD will i stay up hmmm....
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  11. It'll be 1AM for me in Ireland, wondering should I wait it out or head to sleep
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  12. Ill try to make it :)
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  13. awesome :D
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  14. I will be there :)
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  15. I may come if my minecraft will work. For some reason it won't let me get on multiplayer. Wanna save me some good stuff XD?
  16. There's still time to fix that problem :D
  17. Ermagerds, I wish I could come :(
  18. You'd be surprised. My phone and kindle aren't working either. STUPID TECHNOLOGY.
  19. Ulti! Just saw hat you've become a member of the Contribution Team! Probably very late to be saying this (I don't notice much!) but congrats!