Grand Opening Huge Horse Mall, smp5 /v MrsWishes 130-131 speed, and lots of inventory

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  1. 130 speed = 12k, 131 speed = 18k

    Come see my complete remodel of my Horse Mall at smp5. I sell every color horse and I sell horses by jump and speed.

    I currently have several 130 to 131 speed horses for sale and a large inventory of 125 to 129 speed horses.
  2. Great shop, and really good prices for the 130+s too! :)
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  3. Do you have any 130+s that are any colours apart from white?
  4. 131 and 130 speed restocked! Huge inventory of high speed from 120-128 speed.

    120 speed start at 125 r for white and brown .

    I also sell every color/marking combination of horse for 50r with some white and brown at 35r.

    I have mules and donkeys for sale too.

    My mall is on smp5 at /v MrsWishes.
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  5. I have a question, how much faster is a 130 speed horse from a 131 speed horse? (seeing the price jump made me wonder)
  6. Well it is more about the degrees of difficulty in breeding 131s compared to 130s. Each 1 point increase in speed is more rare than the last. Horses in the wild range from 40s speed to 139 speed, with the average horse found being around 70-90 speed.

    When you breed a horse, the computer averages the two parent horses and a randomly generated horse. So the computer's random horse mostly drags down the average speed of the baby horse and occassionally, if you are very lucky, pulls up the average speed.

    So even though it is only one point of speed difference, 130 speed is more common than 131. Horse breeders go through a lot of gold carrots (or cupid bows) waiting for the math to work out in order to get the super fast horses. I try to base my prices on both the cost of breeding and what other breeders are selling 130+ speed. If you compare my prices to other breeders, I think you will find I'm reasonable.

    Nobody really needs a 130 or 131, it is just some people enjoy collecting or racing really fast horses. I really enjoy the the challenge of breeding them. I can't keep them all, so I might as well sell them, so that I can buy more gold so I can breed more horses. It is a (hopefully) virtuous cycle.

    I hope this answers your question. If you have any more questions, please let me know and I'll try my best to answer.

  7. You sell any high speed donkey's? Anything above 116 is good and a pair would be even better, but one should do too. Please let me know :)
    Been in to your shop. It's really nice :D
  8. Thanks, glad you like my shop!

    I put 2 117 donkeys in chests for 250r each for you to buy from. Follow the signs with your name. The chests are behind a door with an access sign with your name.
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  9. Ok, thanks. Very awesome. I'll be home in a few hours and will come over. Cheers :)
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  10. You are welcome! :)
  11. Sweet. Do you buy old slow mares? I have some egged.
  12. I currently do not sell slow horses, but I could expand to do so. How much do you want for them and what is the speed range?
  13. They are 80-100. But they are really pretty. I would take whatever. Maybe something towards the purchase of a faster one?
  14. I don't think I could sell those at the moment, sorry. The slow horses I have seen sold in other horse shops are 40-50 speed. But I do have a sale on some white or brown 120 speed, for 125 rupees, if you want a faster horse. :) Also my 35r to 50r horses that are sold by color range in speed from 95 to 119. So come check out my store, you may find a bargain!
  15. 132 speed restocked.
  16. Now selling Iron Horse Armor, Gold Horse Armor, and Diamond Horse Armor!
  17. Sadly, I can no longer stock 132 speed horses in my shop. Due to a change in the horses I have available to breed, the chances of getting a 132 are too rare.

    I still have plenty 131 and 130 speed horses and lots of other horse inventory.
  18. You have 130 with a good jump?
  19. Sorry, my 130 speed horses have mostly average jump stats. The few I have with good jumps, I keep for breeders. Good luck in your search!
  20. Thnks