GP Services!

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  1. This is a Service that provides some of your needs in minecraft :
    Redstone Mechanics
    Grinder building
    Enchanting services
    Shop ( Gob and I's shop )
    Trade Co. ( coming in 1.3 update )

    I will make seperate threads for ALL of these categories except the shop later on sometime.
  2. Thanks to LZBZ_DW for making this AWESOME logo for GP Services!
  3. Gobstone and Piggy is my guess.
  4. Correct my fellow Pabowan.
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  5. you logo? looks nice but cluttered have the GP and the services but place the name instead of a load of pics
  6. I like it the way it is. Say something nice, or dont say anything at all. :)
  7. just constructive cristasim
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  8. Learn to accept opinions and criticisms, you can't dictate what people can or can't say.
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  9. i like how the sign look. also when i asked what gp stood for, i thought gob, but then i couldn't figure out the p because i looked at your name and saw i_like so i thought that couldn't be it. haha, but i got it now.
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  10. Haha thanks zeke, and I understand aus. Im sorry i didnt take thr as critisism.